Saturday, May 8, 2010

Asian Dramas.

Every now and then i get bored with reading romance novels and go back to asian dramas. why you might ask? because they are simply the greatest things ever. you cant make up these things, they are real and frankly they are normally very strange.

Kyouhei "I think i am having contractions." *rubs chest*
Takenage "I think that means you are going into labor."
The rest of the group "Its the first sign of love."

That really happens. and trust me it gets stranger the more you watch. Here are some fun little facts you learn the more you watch asian dramas.
1. Hot young men love older rude women.
2. If you have a best friend, he's in love with you (even in your a guy)
3. Girls can cross dress and no one will notice, until the awkward beach episode.
4. Brothers/cousins/best friends/step-brothers always fall in love with the same woman.
5. U turns are legal everywhere. Not really give it a try.
6. No one walks, they run at a dead sprint or meander slower than zombies, there is no in between.
7. The theme song is the only soundtrack, get used to it now!
8. Rich people wear pastels, especially the men.
9. Poor people only wear brown.
10. Everyone in Taiwan has aids (haha WILL)
11. Women got to sleep and wake up with their make up on.
12. Its normal to go to school on Sunday, Saturday too, and some times Friday night. There is a chance you may never leave...
13. Everyone can fight like Bruce Lee.
14.Bruises heal over night, so do cuts, and broken bones. In the morning all you will have is one band aid on your face.
15. Bangkok love story has more endings than LOTR
16. Its okay to layer neon on top of neon
17. That cute guy that's your best friend, there is a 95% chance that is a cross dressing girl.
18. Hugging can get you pregnant
19 There are only two ways to kiss: Press your lips against theirs, mouth shut for an uncomfortable amount of time; or devour the other person and try to suck out their soul, while moving your head alot. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN!
20. At some point, for no reason, you have to go away, just so the person you love can miss you/run to the airport/cry/kill people/ there are other options as well
21. Everyone has a long lost family member that is going to mess up their life in one way or another.
22. Colds are serious business and to be treated like a life or death situation.
23. The correct way to save some one from being hit by a car is to push them out of the way and then stand there and wait for it to hit you.
24. If you think you are gay there is a good chance that you might just love a cross dressing girl.
25. The side characters are always more fun than the main characters. All the really fun stuff happens to them, and they complain alot less.
26. Its okay to be in love with your teacher or vice a versa.
27. Sexuality is something as easily flipped as a coin.
28. All boys have a mommy complex
29. Eating paper is a good idea.
30. Bangs are back in, ignore the fashion magazines. the more bangs the better.
31. Rain is evil and to be avoided at all costs, unless you are poor then by all means, go play.
32. Leather is naturally bright colors. dont believe otherwise
33. Fathers are evil men and not to be trusted, unless they are basically a woman, then it okay
34. Dropping a cell phone once breaks it
35. Hair is naturally spikey
36. Orange is blonde. accept this and move on
37. Getting your shoes tied is romantic
38. There is no such thing as facial hair
39. Teachers are violent and evil and they beat students
40. There is no little crying, only sobbing
41. Being in a gang is cool. Superduper cool. But not as cool as love triangles.
42. Cell phones are the size of handbags
43. Food is a big deal
44. You can close your eyes while driving and not hit anything.
45. There are 35 hours in the day, that the only way all this can be happening
46. Beating up the school bully makes him your best friend
47. Running in high heels is a national past time
48. The police are useless, abandon hope now.
49. Taxis are evil and hide from you. It is better to double up on a bike or motorbike
50. People with shaved heads are not to be trusted.
51.STALKING IS NOT CREEPY, ITS ROMANTIC. so go right ahead and follow that person!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quote of the day

"Demon? Did you just say demon?” -Gwen

Oh, uh…did I say that? No, no. I think I said seaman."-Strider

Gena Showalter, The Darkest Whisper