Sunday, September 25, 2011

Again with the waiting

Why you make me wait?

I mean really Hulu! Are all the shows I like now on HuluPlus for a week before I can get them for free? I mean seriously you are that annoying about getting more subscribers. You know the whole point of not getting cable and watching things online was to save money. I was counting on you and Netflix to keep me entertained for less than cable. But by doing this you are making cable and Torrent download look better.

I find all of these pay changes to services I used to get for less to be utter bull. I would rather the shows be free and I have to watch one or two more commercials. I am fine with that, but if you try to make me pay to see something on time its just a dick move.

In fact I am now watching Kitchen Nightmares the U.K. version and at least the first episode is crazy boring compared to the U.S. version. He is way less scary in this version and everything has less production.

The only thing I really love about this episode is the market. I wish I lived in a place where I could go to a market and not pay through the nose. I know people like farmers markets but they are crazy expensive. I want to go to Europe and go to the markets. I miss Europe.

This post is going sideways.

This is what happens when I have to work on Sunday. My student had her field hockey match changed so I have to come in and cover the phones for five hours and the only people to call have been one wrong number and some on trying to find the student center.


Also the music at the commercial breaks make me smile. Its a horror show commercial noise. Its hysterical. They are taking the Nightmare part of the show serious.

Some one come save me! I am trapped in an empty college building and my brain is melting. I have the heating pad on my butt, because yeah.

Basically I blame Hulu and Netflix for my current situation.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo of the day

Screw You Hulu

Thanks for being stupid about shows and now trying to get me to pay to see them in a timely manner. You know what, you and Netflix have increased my UTorrent use by ten fold. I hope you are happy now! This is why my generation doesn't pay for anything, because we can download it. I was trying to be nice but no you had to go and do this.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review: Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh

Anyone else see it?
First off, the cover irks me. Not all of it, just the guy's face. There is something off in the proportions or maybe in the coloring. But the rest seems okay. When I had seen the cover online a while back I had thought it was a draft mock up of what the cover and I was really rather surprised to see that was the real cover when I got the book. I am mostly shocked because before this all of Singh's covers have been excellent. I know it's a stupid thing to get hung up on but these days book covers are practically an art form.

I am surprised as well that I think I enjoyed this book than the other Guild Hunter novels thus far. Despite previously being showed as some kind of creepy masochist Dimitri ends up being rather likable. He has some depth and shows emotions way more than Raphael ever did. Although in this book you get a better idea at what Raphael is thinking, which sorta seemed weird that he was more human in this book than the ones where he is actively in love but whatever.

The plot is fluff. The climax actually is for a whole other thing than what the two main characters have spent most of their time doing. The whole book was hunting down and finding the people that hurt the girl and then at the end some other dude is there to be a bad guy. Unrelated bad guy is strange.

I am sorta half and half on this book. We got to see some more interesting things about all the vampires and angels but the plot was a little lose.

Quick Thing

The new Blogger lay out kind of slowed me down when it came to posting because it took me a day or two to figure out if I liked it. That and I have a job.

Monday, September 19, 2011


When does Bones start again? I just remembered that lady is preggers and I really want to see how that goes. It might be the only thing to keep me watching after such a dreadful example of a villain last season.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quote of the day

"We still hadn't learned, though, that growing up is all about getting hurt. And then getting over it. You hurt. You recover. You move on. Odds are pretty good you're just going to get hurt again. But each time, you learn something.

Each time, you come out of it a little stronger, and at some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There's the little empty pain of leaving something behind - gradutaing, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There's the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expecations. There's the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn't give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of hopes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life they grow and learn. There's the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens.

And if you're very, very lucky, there are a very few blazing hot little pains you feel when you realized that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last - and yet will remain with you for life.

Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don't feel it.

Pain is a part of life. Sometimes it's a big part, and sometimes it isn't, but either way, it's a part of the big puzzle, the deep music, the great game. Pain does two things: It teaches you, tells you that you're alive. Then it passes away and leaves you changed. It leaves you wiser, sometimes. Sometimes it leaves you stronger. Either way, pain leaves its mark, and everything important that will ever happen to you in life is going to involve it in one degree or another." 

-Jim Butcher

Book Review: Changes by Jim Butcher


Sir you are just lucky that I didn't read this book when it first came out, and instead know that the sequel exists. That was unkind.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quote of the day

Brock: I can cross "stab Hitler to death" off my list of cool crap I thought I'd never get to do.
Hank: Brock?
Brock: Hey, Hank. Killed Hitler