Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tv Review: Sekirei

Netflix instant watch is a scary thing, mostly because it gives me access to tones of shows that I had no idea existed before. The other night we were looking for something to watch before bed and stopped on this, pretty much for the sole reason that the girl on the front had giant tits.

This show is basically Pokemon but instead of collecting small animals you collect busty women and instead of poke-balls you kiss them. I am not kidding. James was cracking up and signing the pokemon theme when the girls are doing silly stuff. In fact the girls even have a special talent that seems to mirror the kind of strengths that pokemon had, such as plant, water, fighting, fire, ice and so forth.

There is even talk that some of the guys force girls to be their Sekirei like they are collecting them. To which James of course starts saying "gotta catch them all," over and over again. The plot is that these Sekirei have to find some one to bond with, then they emerge. At which point they are to fight each other until there is only one Sekirei left.

This series knows its audience and what it is doing. Nearly every female Sekirei is in some form of fetish clothing at nearly all times. All of the boobs in this show defy the laws of physics and mass, I mean they are not that big on that small of a girl in real life. Of course the male character is a quiet guy who isn't really good at anything, doesn't have that much of a personality except that he gets nervous a lot.

He is the Bella of anime, but yet all of the women want him. This is how anime works so its not that big of a deal. Of course boring boy ends up with several women. We have the strong but dense cute girl that he seems to like the most. There is a very little girl that thinks of him a a big brother and can use plants as her strength. There is a busty blond woman that speaks like she is from Shakespearian time and can use water, also she thinks that the bonding makes her the guy's wife. Then there is the red head that likes technology and guns.

They dress up the little girl in animal costumes all the time.

Also boring guy's little sister gets a guy Sekirei which appears to be an attempt to get a few other fetishes cramped into this show.

 I can't really say much else because we haven't finished the series. But I had to say something. We keep waiting for one of the characters to say they are going to the Ice Gym.

Book Review: Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch

I know what you are thinking, but no I didn't pick this book up because of the name. I got it because of the cover art. About a month ago I was trying to find bootleg of a graphic novel I want. I couldn't find it or at least wasn't giving a full effort but what I did find was the cover art for this book. It is done by the same person that does the cover art for the Mercy Thompson series which I love dearly. It seems odd but I saw the cover art and pretty much said yay I'm reading this. There are aliens and guns and fire and fighter jets and an areosmith t-shirt and men in suits. Its sorta like dangling sour gummy worms in front of me, I am going to go for them.

Not to mention that it just gets better as it goes. We start out with Katherine "Kitty" Katt coming out of a court house. (Her name alone told me there was going to be giggles.) There she encounters a "superbeing" that attacks and strats killing civilians, she reacts by stabbing it with a pen. Then a bunch of guys in Armani suits show up and ask her to join them. So it turns out that there are these alien parasites trying to get to earth and turn people into evil superbeings, and the guys in suits are trying to stop them. But the guys in suits are also aliens from the planet closets to us that has life, um Alpha Centurian or something like that.

I would explain more but I kind of want my friend Britt to read this book so I am not going to give away too much because I know that she reads this. The point is that the story is actually rather well done Just when I thought that I had things figured out something else was revealed and it made more sense. I mean at first look the plot seems surface deep but each chapter reveals more interesting information.

Not to mention that there was a giant slug killed with salt water and jokes about some one finding a giant mongoose for a reenactment of Rikki-tikki-tavi when the giant snake showed up, which just tickled me because that movie scared the living begious out of me as a kid. I mean I liked the movie but when you live in a third world country watching a movie about snakes in a third world country it tends to freak out out a bit more than some one who lives in Chicago.

Back to the point, there is a running joke about the main character's purse that made me smile. Because my mom had a purse like that.

"Actually, you woke up before I could find your wallet," Martini admitted. "I don't know how you found that pen; your purse is like a black hole."
"I prefer to think of it as Mary Poppins' carpetbag."

Also hair spray and alcohol are used as deadly weapons in this book. Also comic book references left and right. And sex, that happened too.

Basically read this. Yeah. Do it now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

Back in 2005 I was still in high school and was watching way more anime than I do today. Nickelodean released a show that year called Avatar: The Last Air Bender. It was an American made show that had taken heavy influences from Asian cultures.

The show took place in a made up world where people had the ability to bend Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Each style of bending was based on a real life style of fighting. Water bending is almost complete comprised of Tai Chi. About a hundred years ago in this world the fire nation decided to conquer the other nations. At about this time the Avatar, a mystical person who is a reincarnation that can bend all four powers, disappeared. The show opens with two teens in the Southern Water Kingdom finding the Avatar who has been in suspended animation for a hundred years in a block of ice.

The show on its surface was for kids, but had themes and issues for teens. The prince of the fire nation, Zuko,  was an extremely complex character who was kicked out of his kingdom for showing compassion and struggles with his need for acceptance and doing the right thing. Aang, the Avatar was forced to confront the fact that an accident meant his entire people were wiped out and that the entire world was counting on him to kill a man he had never meet. Katara struggled to be a water bender and a woman in a society that thought she should be relegated to a healer position. Sokka, Katara's brother, dealt with the fact that his entire tribe basically left him in charge and his lack of bending making him a less useful member of the group.

The show was fantastic and funny. I thought they could have switched a romance or two to make the story have a greater depth but that was me nitpicking. The show was fantastic and I re-watched it on several occasions. I watched the first season with my boyfriend and he then on his own watched the rest of the show.

The movie on the other hand was perhaps on of the greatest failures in cinema for this generation and perhaps the next three. The opening voice over was carried on into the entire movie. The characters had the acting depth of an elementary school play. The movie attempted to cram in the side story locations when it should have simply focused on the over arching story. Details of the show were thrown in at random. Most of the first season was an extended road trip as the three main characters traveled from the south pole to the north pole. Most episodes existed to show the depth of the world. Including parts of these episodes in the movie was completely idiotic.

The biggest offense was simple change of lines and actions. In the show Aang ran away from him home because the elders wanted to take him away from his adoptive father. He knew he was the
Avatar but it wasn't that big of a deal, the issue was his adoptive father was still protecting him from a more grueling training. He ran away in a fit of anger and got trapped. In the movie he ran away when he found out he was the Avatar, because he knew that the Avatar wasn't allowed to have a family. I about shot Shamalamdingdong for that. In the movie version is is completely is fault that all the Air Benders were slaughtered, in the show he had no idea. In the movie they tell him they need his help to stop this threat. So Aang from the movie sucks ass.

Another massive offense was the casting. The fire nation was Japan. Lets be honest. It looked like Japan, the people dressed in traditional Japanese clothes and eat sushi. The earth nation was a combination of China, Korea, and Thailand. The water nation was supposed to be eskimos. In fact every actor for the water nation except for the main characters did have that native American look. So what gives with casting two Russian looking kids for the leads? Then Shamalamdingdong had to go and make the fire nation Indian. Because god forbid he doesn't get to put himself in the movie some place.

The changes to the story and actors were surface level. The writing suffered greatly. The show had been well written, the movie was something that I think was written by a pre-schooler attempting to recreated the show. I hate voice overs on principle and this movie proves that using them is never really a good idea.

I can't even being to point out all the things that were wrong with this movie without re-watching, because I tried to scrub it from my memory, but I will never watch it again. The point that made me laugh is that when the creators of the original show were asked about the movie they made it a point to say that they were not involved in the project at all. They said they were not consulted at all and then politely tried not to say they thought the movie was an abomination.

The one saving grace was that my favorite character Toph, a blind girl with the strongest ability to earth bend in this generation, was spared and not in the movie. She doesn't show up until the second season so she is save where she belongs, throwing insults and kicking rocks. Hell she was the first person to bend metal, something that was thought impossible.

For those interested the creators of the original show have announced a sequel of sorts. This will follow the life of the next Avatar, who will be a girl from the water tribe. The story is going to focus on the fact that science in the world is quickly pushing benders out of the picture. They promise there will be steampunk and rebellions. The show is entitled Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WTF Sam Neil, Movie Review: Under the Mountain

Don't ask me how I found this movie, but it was odd. So um there are aliens and they are in New Zeland, which is a change for aliens. There are trying to take over our world. Sam Neil is another alien that wants to help but is afraid to help because the last group of twins failed.

Oh yeah twins are needed to fight the evil aliens, and they have the have "twinness" which is a special bond. Which makes me think about escape to witch mountain. But yeah. I watched the whole movie and I can't really tell you who this was made for, or why it was made. There is some low budget stuff happening but then a big budget scene sneaks in. There were crazy tempo problems as well. The first twenty five, perhaps thirty minutes of the movie was two redhead kids looking depressed and then freaked out at random times. Their mom had died and then they were sent to the aunt and uncles. They can speak in each others heads but the boy hates it.

And then pretty much out of no where come Sam Neil making fire. My exact reaction upon seeing him in this movie was "WTF Sam Neil?" Not to mention that his character has little to no personality, so there is no reason for Sam Neil to be the one to play Mr. Jones.

Why are bad aliens always slimy and good ones look like us or have fire? I mean really. Bad aliens can't be fire based and we can't have slimy good aliens? Yes I understand that the reason these things happen are our connotations of these ideas, but I like it when things get mixed up a little bit.

The end of the movie came down to the kids throwing some rocks in a dormant volcano. I would say that it was a horrible movie and there was nothing great, but it was better than Last Air Bender. I shit you not. Last Air Bender was a great series and M. Night Shamalamdingdong f-ed it up big time in perhaps the biggest let down of my life. So yes this movie is greater than Last Air Bender. But it does have that 'this was a kids book we turned into a movie' feel. And of course now that I go look up a picture I see that it is. That makes way more sense.

What now?

I don't know if you have seen this yet but its kind of turning into a big internet deal. This blogger reviewed a self published book on the Kindle. She made some comments that there were errors. Then the author of the book blew up on the blog. Then the entire internet got a hold of the mess.

Its a very funny read if you have nothing better to do, and love grammar and hate people that suck at it.

Sucker Punch Movie Review

Friday, March 25, 2011


I am going to be out of town for the next few days, because my boyfriend's cousin is getting married in Kentucky. I have been informed that there is little to no internet access and besides the internet is evil. Um yeah its one of those places. I have also been informed that I am helping set up the wedding because down there I am a second class citizen. Any way, as my rebellion I am putting this video on my blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thought of the day: A Problem with Cars and other rants

Here is another thing I thought about, are we really to believe the cars in these books. I mean I am to totally believe that all these guys are driving these cars.

It is a known fact that expensive car equals small penis. This is a fact. No normal person buys a Ferrari just because, they do it so people will think he has cool stuff to make up for his small penis. Iron Man and sports starts are the exception in that they are not real people.

And yes I realize that I read fantasy and that these are not real people, but still. When you set a fantasy in modern day there are a few things I expect to be on the normal side. One is clothes, which nearly every author fails at. No one really wears a leather duster and looks cool. The people that could pull it off don't wear it because its weird, and the people that do wear them can't pull them off. Velvet is not a real fabric. I don't know anyone outside of a nursing home that would buy purple velvet pants.

So yeah I also don't believe in the crazy expensive cars driven by the hunk. I really think that either the care or the description of in man bits has to be wrong. Why are none of them driving a Toyota? I mean they are kind of the car of choice for blending in, or a Honda. If all of these mythical creatures are really trying to blend into the modern world I think they would drive something more blend-y.

On the other hand I realize being completely realistic would be no fun. Beer gut is not going to get my panties in a twist so I realize that all these characters are an exaggeration. But just how my boyfriend is a whistle blower for science in shows I feel the need to point out when the illusion fails. I understand that a good deal of the populace and readership doesn't care or notice, but I do.

On another note Bioware did a cock block. For those not aware Bioware is the company that makes Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Both games have gotten press for a few reasons, mainly that they offer "alternative lifestyle love interests." Basically a few of the AI characters are bi and you can have a relationship with them and sleep with them. This was pretty cool when Mass Effect brought it out the first time. In Mass Effect the sex scene wasn't much but a glance or butt and side boob.  Dragon Age on the other hand the characters are still wearing their underwear the entire cut scene, which was odd.

But Dragon Age II sorta lost a grip. The lesbian version of the sex scene has both characters completely clothed for the entire cut scene. I can't figure out what is making them back down. They are a Canadian company, what do they care. I am sort of annoyed that each game progressively gets more tame. I am not mentioning Mass Effect II because half of the love interests are aliens and the cut scene are odd.

Yes Please

Today the library had a posting for an Adult Shelver, which I promptly applied for.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not Okay With This

I was talking to my friend Will about some of my recent posts and the subject of the Mortal Instrument series came up. This scum has some how become popular. If we want to talk about bad writing and overly formulaic we can just point at this series and end the conversation.

The main character is retarded. I mean who misses the fact that their mother has tiny scars all over them. How do you miss that? She has the predictably in love with her male best friend. And then she runs into a hot guy and his friends in a club, for people under 18. Which I would like to say there is no way that would be a cool place to be. They tried that in my town for a while. Teenagers are not good at being smooth or hip. They need to be kept in their little boxes and not let out into the real world until they can function like a person.

Anyway the story is also stupid silly. Guess what their is a world that none of us know about, and the hot guy is an elite warrior. Turns out main character is one of them and her mom was erasing her memories or something. I don't care. The gross part that made these books awful is the sustained idea that main character lady and hot guy might be siblings. They drag it out for a long time. The entire time they are doing heavy breathing and hot pants dance at each other. I mean I get that Japanese comics have these creepy stories about brother sister love but I was unaware it had come to this side of the Ocean. I mean really this is what the author came up with as a reason the main characters couldn't be together. Seriously? I don't care how hot the guy is, if you tell me he is my brother I am going to find other forums of entertainment.

Of course they are not siblings but it took three books of awful to straighten that out. You might ask why I read all three books if they were so bad, because I was depressed at the time and had nothing better to do. Another horror of the story is that has some steampunk influences, to which I have to say "stay away from my grene!"

Also there is one main character that is gay and dating a much older guy and they make a huge fuss about it. Like the entire cast of characters spend all their time trying to ignore or not talk about this fact but they all think about. So what, gays can't have trophy boyfriends? I do believe they can. I think this was just included so there would be a diversity character. It was an attempt at depth.

The villain basically wants to kill everything that isn't human or an elite warrior. There is no good reason for that other than a superiority complex. The books end with a fight coming down to drawing in the sand, not kidding. And then stupid girl asks for hot guy to come back to life from and angel. The angel even points out that she could ask for anything, world peace, and end to disease, or legalize pot (I put that in there) but no she picks her boyfriend. Seriously this is why we need to sterilize teenagers.

Anyway the main point of this over all rant is they want to make it into a movie. I say no!! No movie. Also they want to use blondie from Beastly and I think he doesn't need to be famous.

This is once again why I hate Twilight because it has set these low standards for what the media thinks it can feed teenage girls. Personally I like my fantasy to come with a brain. But no! Now there are books by the thousands about a girl that is in love with a supernatural boy, or she is the supernatural and he is normal. It doesn't matter. They are being pushed out there to flood the market.

I hates them.

Book Review: The Drowning City by Amanda Downum

I took a break from conquering  the world in video games yesterday to read. I did this mostly because I have started to make the thinking too hard face so much that my face hurt. The bosses are getting harder. Anyway back to the book review.

I found this book because they had it on display at Barnes and Noble. I was in the mood for old timey spy mystery so I got it at the library. The story is that Isyllt and two body gourds are sent to this area to over throw the government there. They are doing this because this city is the seat of wealth of an empire that is looking to invade their own country.

The main character sucks as a spy, like majorly. I know this because I read Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce back in the day. That is how a spy is supposed to act when they are trying to over throw the government. Isyllt is also a necormancer. Which is kind of interesting but not really. There are other character's whose side of the story is told but I don't feel like looking up their names. Everyone but one character has odd names in this book, names I have no wish to try and respell.

The one thing that got to me was a lack of description of the characters. A few got key features explained and general skin tone was told for everyone. But I spent the entire book unsure as to what color Isyllt's hair was.

The world is every interesting but to many interesting or important ideas are brushed over quickly. It is very clear that this is a freshman effort at writing, but the second book in the series is already out so I plan to have a look at that too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Game Review: Dragon Age: Origins

I am not finished with the game but I figured now would be a good time to talk about it because the rest of the game is going to be me dying repeatedly. For those that read this blog, Britt, will know that a while back I posted a review by a game critic. Go find the post if you haven't seen the review.

I pretty much agree with everything he says. Particularly the part about creepy loving eye contact and no one saying anything about all the blood. No really I am completely covered in blood and there is no way to clean it off until I go back to camp or change locations. A man walks up to me and accuses me of being a Warden, and I persuade him against it. All the while my party and I are completely covered in gore. No one ever mentions this.

The bodies also never cease to amuse me. If you don't loot them, they don't go away...ever. I played this one area about three days ago. I went back today to speak to some one about what we need to do next. He talks about how they are rebuilding and such, while a dead body lays at his feet. No one mentions this. Another guy had bones in his house still. They were just sitting there, I had looted the body, but a pile of bones remained in the dinning room.

As much as I have been playing this game I am not moving through it very fast, because I am obsessed about making everyone love me. AI party members have reactions to things you do and say. You can give them gifts and compliments and even take time to go track down personal items for them. My boyfriend had pointed out that he never did this because he was more concerned about the army of undead that was marching across the country. But the thing is the more my party members like me the more they will do for me. Also having really specific things done is the only way to make myself Queen.

I really have taken a fun kind of pleasure in the fact that I am playing the majority of this game with the sole purpose of making myself Queen. It makes all my romance of the bastard prince way more entertaining. It also makes the fact that I try to make everyone like me feel like I am manipulating an entire country for my own power gains.

Who i the cute little monster? You are!
One other really silly thing in the game is a few of the enemies. Most of them are darkspawn, but there are these enemies found in the tunnels that make the cutest sounds. They meow and squeak  as I murder them and its adorable. They kind of look like tiny raptors.

Dragon Age II is out already and they have hinted in that game that the character from the first game has gone missing, which I am not okay with because I am going to be Queen. Also all the companions and Dragon Age II are boring. The only bright light is that nearly every party member from Dragon Age: Origins makes an appearance in II, which might be a spoiler but not really.

I am having a ton of fun playing this game. Granted I am playing on Casual which is basically they left the kid gloves on, and as a rogue which means I just press buttons at random until something dies. But I recommend it do anyone that likes LOTRs or any kind of Medieval Fantasy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Review: Paul

This might come as a shock but I am a bit of a nerd. I know, you were so surprised. Anyway I remember back when news of this movie was coming out but no pictures because they really wanted to keep the movie secretive. Which at the time threw me because this was Simon Pegg we are talking about, I didn't thin he did secretive.

Another thing we are currently in the middle of the dead period for movies. This is when the odd movies come out. The big one come out in the summer or a month or two before. Paul is right before that point. But it was light out today until almost seven so maybe is in the cut off.

I really liked this movie. The alien jokes were great and I love the cast. This was literally a who's who of the funny people that are in movies these days. Kristen Wigg as the overly religious woman pretty much made my day. This movie is funny, and a bit funnier if you know anything about science fiction. The only down side is there are several references to science fiction pop culture that was before my time. I can tell that is probably for the 30 something crowd a bit more.

If you like science fiction or silly movies this is for you. If you are overly religious or don't know a single thing about aliens or science fiction pop culture then don't go see this.

Now if you don't mind I have to go climb a mountain the look for some ashes that my cure my love interest's uncle. I am so close to getting to the really hard parts in Dragon Age. Also I got Alistair to sleep with me, so go team! I am currently working on making everyone in my party love me as much as possible. I play that game with the wiki page open next to me. I would use the guide but sadly it is in another state in a storage unit because my mom doesn't understand that I might have needed that.

Wandering Off

The Xbox controller and I am having an issue. It keeps thinking that my character need to wander off in battle. I swear I am not doing it myself.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not Irish and EHarmony

So yeah, not Irish. Well yes I have some in my family line, but the side of the family it comes from is cruel and evil. That grandmother might never die because she is just too evil for the grim reaper to ever take her. Irish food and traditions were not part of my house. Also I hate potatoes. I am sick of them. Irish food is bland and boring. I want pasta. That being said drunk Irish really take offense to you not being interested in getting smashed with them. Just so they know in Ireland this is a religious holiday on which no one drinks.

On another note I was watching a thing about EHarmoney the other day. On the profile you can put three things you cannot live without. My list is most likely: Books, Lotion, Desert. I am not kidding. Or chap stick. I might have to / that with lotion.

I am also just about to start this really annoying quest in Dragon Age. Its infuriating. This quest is what stopped me in my other play throughs. So I have to finish this nonsense or else my boyfriend will hold it over me forever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quote of the day

Thing Alistar says in Dragon Age that tickle my fancy:

"You smell great; is that death you're wearing? It really suits you."

"Now that the warm and fuzzy part of the day is over we can get back to the ritual dismemberments. Oh wait, it's not Tuesday is it?" 

"It's just like being home again. Except with more undead." 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dragaon Age

So I finally started playing Dragon Age again. Mostly because the second one came out and my boyfriend spent the entire weekend playing it. I am now on my fourth time playing through the entry levels. I am annoyed with having to listen to the speeches again. But I still really love this game, and I am determined to be Queen.

I really have missed Alistar. My big goofy templar.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

This is the first book in the Weather Warden series, which I have known about for a while and have just now gotten around to reading. Mostly I was out of things to read and saw that Jim Butcher, the author of the dresden files, had endorsed the book. I will say that there are some big similarities in plot, in that the main character never really gets to sleep and they always wear something I don't think would look good on anyone.

Meet Joanne Baldwin who is a weather warden for the Florida area, until her boss who is beyond evil passes a demon on to her. But in doing so killed himself. Now the entire organization of weather wardens are looking for Jo, and she is looking for her old friend Lewis who might be able to help. The entire book takes place from Jo's car and at rest stops along the way. She literally drives most of the way around the country in this book. Which as having spent a good deal of time on road trips across country its not very fun.

All past story information is given in the form of flash backs as Jo thinks about things, which is not always my preferred method of story telling but works out just fine here. The book was very fast paced, in fact it appears the entire series is because I just finished book three and the characters finally got naps. The first three books literally did not have a decent stopping point from which to leave. This one ended with what seems like a slow down point and then I picked up book two and realized I was wrong.

I really enjoyed this book, still think the author needs to look up some fashion sense. She talks great brands and shoes but some times the color combination is a little much. I would like to be the first to tell anyone over the age of forty that you do not need your top to match your pants, shoes, and accessories. I know its hard. I spent years trying to break my mom of the habit. I have no idea why you think wearing all one color is a good idea, because its not. But I really don't think that the main character needs to be wearing all purple or all denim, or all black. Also I checked the publishing dates and they are in the early 20K, which means there is no reason what so ever for there to be a lime green mid-drift top in this book. No reason.

The series is sorta like a negative of the Dresden files, there all the women are sexy and into Harry, here all the men are pretty and have a thing for Jo. Its days like this that I worry about how awkward high school was for these authors.

Go read it. Do it. Its not a romance but there are lots of moments to get the blood flowing so fans of romance wont be completely disappointed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

After going back and reading all the Cole books again I figured I would do a brief sum up of how I feel about each. Hunger is the first full length book int he series, the first installment of the series is a short story. Emma is half valkyrie half vampire and a timid little thing when the book starts. Lachlain is pretty much half out of his mind after being trapped for years in a pit of fire.

This book has the most romance to the overall plot in that there is little outside plot. Its the establishing book for he series and introduces many characters but not much else. The vampire threat is created and then dealt with. We get glimpses of other creatures and characters for later stories. Two of the most recent stories were hinted at in this book. This book was also one of the establishers in Cole's style of making me work for the dirty bits, she likes to make me wait as long as possible.

This was not my favorite book but I enjoyed the characters that I met along the way. Also I loved the way werewolves were portrayed so I was hooked on the series from then.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Sorry

What was I doing? I forget because Archer Season 1 is now on instant Netflix. I am busy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Librarians

Don't simply recommend and author to me because you see there is a fantasy sticker on my books. All fantasy is not made equal. At least know the authors I like before you jump to tell me I need to read a series.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quote of the day

"I love watching you squirm. It's like you're an artist and your medium is awkward."
-Nora, Being Human

Movie Review: Beastly

I don't really understand why this movie needed to be in theaters. Nothing about the writing or the plot said that it was going to be a big draw. I can only think that it had to be in theaters because of the make up on the one guy and the ten minutes total of special effects. Otherwise this could totally have been a made for television movie.

So we have a tale of Beauty and the Beast in modern day. Sorta. Because frankly the guy doesn't look that odd. I mean really. The tattoos are pretty sweet its just a couple of scars that look bad, but with abs like that who cares. Anyway.... hot guy gets turned into bad ass looking hot guy.

He suddenly likes the scholarship student, her dad has a drug issue and kills his dealer. Dealer's brother threatens daughter, hotish guy blackmails dad into turning his daughter over to live with him "for protection." I have never felt so much lack of chemistry between characters ever. Wet fish have it hotter for each other.

The bright side? Neil Patrick Harris is the blind tutor for dude. Lets be honest people NPH is a god and can do as he pleases. He was the bright spot in this otherwise bland movie.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Review: Love and Other Drugs

Basically this movie was on my watch list because Anne Hathaway was getting naked, and Jake Gyllenhaal was getting naked with here. Also the movie reviewer I like said that it was a believable romantic comedy.

Lets face it most romantic comedies are really odd. People don't act like people. You never end up with the person you were supposed to marry and frankly the lack of sexual tension is crazy. We don't instantly like people because of their personality, we don't know it. We like them because they are hot. this movie gets that.

The only annoying this is the fight at the end. In the movie Anne Hathaway has early onset parkinsins and basically pushes everyone away because she knows she is sick. We see this from the start of the movie so we know that she is going to do the same to mr. Jake.

The ending did bother me though. He gave up his promotion to Chicago to stay with her and enter med school. But um why? She had no really job that I can see. She worked at a coffee shop. There are other coffee shops. Also it appeared as if she had pushed every friend away. So why not they move together? His job would totally pay for a nice house and all her medications. I don't really get it. I know its supposed to be sweet but its annoying.

Mostly I thought the movie was okay. I liked the characters and it wasn't as tense as other romantic comedies I have seen ever.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quote of the day

"She'd never seen a monster like that before, had never heard of one in all the Lore. When she grappled with the question of what it was, her sharply honed scientifical mind deduced one answer: manbearpig"

-Kresley Cole, Demon from the Dark

Almost all the way done with my complete read through of the Cole novels.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I can't believe this happened. A while back I said I was going to start playing this game Dragon Age again, I never got around to doing it for several reasons most of which were issues with the xbox. Then a couple of days ago this new mmorpg came out. (for those confused it means mass multiplayer online role playing game.) My boyfriend was trying it out because he was sick of the other game he had been playing. Two days ago he asked me to log in for him before he got home so that he could play when he got home. (at the time the server took twenty minutes to load)

My chick is this race, but way different looking
While waiting for the game to load I ended up creating a character because I enjoy making fake people. After I made my character I wander around the start level for a few minutes to do a few things. And then I kept going. Until my boyfriend got home and wanted the computer back. Then today I got up and sat down to play for a little bit until I was ready for breakfast.......and when I checked the clock it was lunch time. Then I took a shower and went right back to playing the game.

My boyfriend is a little bit annoyed but I really can't figure out why. He has spent years trying to get me to play video games, just not the ones he is currently crazy about playing. I don't think he likes that I am taking away some of his computer time.

The game starts with either a guardian or a defiant, and they like science and machines so I went with them. But basically both sides you come back to life after being dead and are trying to stop this evil force from the great beyond from destroying the world. When I started you are in the future and the world has already pretty much fallen. But they have built a machine to send you back in time and from there you have to change the course of events.

I am pretty into it. So much so that I didn't read a single page today, which basically never happens.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote of the day

"Bruises under the skin make sense, bruises over the skin would require some kind of Fabric Wizard." -James
To Joan Fabrics we must journey.

Book Review: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole

Alright I have been putting off reviewing this book for about a week now and I am caving and going to talk about it. This is the book I was waiting the the entire series for, and at the same time was hoping it would never happen.

See the main character of this books is Regin and she is epic. Bitch is crazy, and crazy awesome. She is perhaps one of the silliest characters besides the completely insane Nix in this series. She pulls pranks and makes rude comments all the time. Regin has made and appearance in every book up to this point as either a bother or a help. She does constant pranks and makes the demons eat weird things. I was excited for the possibility of an entire book dedicated to this spitfire, and terrified that she might be ruined.

Then there was the guy. So in the book before this all these characters get kidnapped and tortured by this crazed organization. I got rather testy that some one was hurting my precious characters. I spent half the book going, "I hate you Declan Chase. I hate you. Hate, hate, hate. Loath entirely!" He was a big meanie. He was mean to Carrow and her poor defenseless niece. I mean who is mean to twelve year olds? He was evil and I hated him. Not to mention that he had Regin cut up, or so we thought.

I pretty much threw a hissy fit when I saw that he would be the lead for Regin's book. I for real got upset about this development because I did not want to feel sympathy or like some one I had already spent so much time hating. Because I knew it was coming, some how I was going to be forced to love him and I didn't want to. Also I got his description totally messed up in my mind and was super confused.

Anyway the story goes a little something like this. Back in the day Regin met this berserker Aidan and the two of them kind of had a thing. But he got killed before he could become immortal. At which point he got reincarnated a bunch of times only to die once he finds Regin again. The last book pretty much told us that Regin got kidnapped by The Order and trapped on the creepy island. Also in the last book after getting operated on she sorta yelled that Declan was Aidan and that she wanted him stomped on.

I will give in and say that I liked this book. I really did. It was super hard for me to like Declan but I was brought around eventually. Regin was not as crazy as always but she wasn't really in situations that allowed for a lot of trash talking, and yet it still was there. This was perhaps one of the more interesting back stories between the characters. It played into the story pretty well and kept things interesting.

The introduction of some new characters kept things light and playful because god knows that Declan didn't help that situation. That man was a huge downer, but really works out with Regin in the end. I like more characters, because it means more books. And no author I like is allowed to ever stop writing.

The big news of this book is the hints of Nix and Lothaire are like a fated pair. Which pretty much set off a fan girly rampage the likes of which the world has never seen. I mean epic! So epic.

And then for like ten minutes I was terrified that the series was coming to an end until I picked up the series again and found that there were in fact a lot of characters still hanging out there for the taking. So its cool.

But yeah. Good book, great series. I demand more yesterday.

New books

The new Patricia Briggs novel sorta surprised me yesterday. Its weird to have a sneak attack from a book. But I was caught unaware when I opened my Nook yesterday to find it available for purchase. The thing is that this will be the only novel she is publishig this year, so now I have to try and make myself wait to read it.

Also I need to write my review for the Kresley Cole book I finished. I think I have about a week or two before the next J.R. Ward novel makes and appearence. I need to get back on my wagon, but its hard when one is sick.