Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Review: Beastly

I don't really understand why this movie needed to be in theaters. Nothing about the writing or the plot said that it was going to be a big draw. I can only think that it had to be in theaters because of the make up on the one guy and the ten minutes total of special effects. Otherwise this could totally have been a made for television movie.

So we have a tale of Beauty and the Beast in modern day. Sorta. Because frankly the guy doesn't look that odd. I mean really. The tattoos are pretty sweet its just a couple of scars that look bad, but with abs like that who cares. Anyway.... hot guy gets turned into bad ass looking hot guy.

He suddenly likes the scholarship student, her dad has a drug issue and kills his dealer. Dealer's brother threatens daughter, hotish guy blackmails dad into turning his daughter over to live with him "for protection." I have never felt so much lack of chemistry between characters ever. Wet fish have it hotter for each other.

The bright side? Neil Patrick Harris is the blind tutor for dude. Lets be honest people NPH is a god and can do as he pleases. He was the bright spot in this otherwise bland movie.


  1. Why did you see this? God. Looks dreadful.

  2. I completely agree. This and Red Riding Hood had no business being theatrical releases. Made for tv would have been perfectly fine.

    Also, NPH is amazing, and can only ever be hilarious. I loff him.