Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Review: Love and Other Drugs

Basically this movie was on my watch list because Anne Hathaway was getting naked, and Jake Gyllenhaal was getting naked with here. Also the movie reviewer I like said that it was a believable romantic comedy.

Lets face it most romantic comedies are really odd. People don't act like people. You never end up with the person you were supposed to marry and frankly the lack of sexual tension is crazy. We don't instantly like people because of their personality, we don't know it. We like them because they are hot. this movie gets that.

The only annoying this is the fight at the end. In the movie Anne Hathaway has early onset parkinsins and basically pushes everyone away because she knows she is sick. We see this from the start of the movie so we know that she is going to do the same to mr. Jake.

The ending did bother me though. He gave up his promotion to Chicago to stay with her and enter med school. But um why? She had no really job that I can see. She worked at a coffee shop. There are other coffee shops. Also it appeared as if she had pushed every friend away. So why not they move together? His job would totally pay for a nice house and all her medications. I don't really get it. I know its supposed to be sweet but its annoying.

Mostly I thought the movie was okay. I liked the characters and it wasn't as tense as other romantic comedies I have seen ever.

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