Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WTF Sam Neil, Movie Review: Under the Mountain

Don't ask me how I found this movie, but it was odd. So um there are aliens and they are in New Zeland, which is a change for aliens. There are trying to take over our world. Sam Neil is another alien that wants to help but is afraid to help because the last group of twins failed.

Oh yeah twins are needed to fight the evil aliens, and they have the have "twinness" which is a special bond. Which makes me think about escape to witch mountain. But yeah. I watched the whole movie and I can't really tell you who this was made for, or why it was made. There is some low budget stuff happening but then a big budget scene sneaks in. There were crazy tempo problems as well. The first twenty five, perhaps thirty minutes of the movie was two redhead kids looking depressed and then freaked out at random times. Their mom had died and then they were sent to the aunt and uncles. They can speak in each others heads but the boy hates it.

And then pretty much out of no where come Sam Neil making fire. My exact reaction upon seeing him in this movie was "WTF Sam Neil?" Not to mention that his character has little to no personality, so there is no reason for Sam Neil to be the one to play Mr. Jones.

Why are bad aliens always slimy and good ones look like us or have fire? I mean really. Bad aliens can't be fire based and we can't have slimy good aliens? Yes I understand that the reason these things happen are our connotations of these ideas, but I like it when things get mixed up a little bit.

The end of the movie came down to the kids throwing some rocks in a dormant volcano. I would say that it was a horrible movie and there was nothing great, but it was better than Last Air Bender. I shit you not. Last Air Bender was a great series and M. Night Shamalamdingdong f-ed it up big time in perhaps the biggest let down of my life. So yes this movie is greater than Last Air Bender. But it does have that 'this was a kids book we turned into a movie' feel. And of course now that I go look up a picture I see that it is. That makes way more sense.

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