Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tv Review: Sekirei

Netflix instant watch is a scary thing, mostly because it gives me access to tones of shows that I had no idea existed before. The other night we were looking for something to watch before bed and stopped on this, pretty much for the sole reason that the girl on the front had giant tits.

This show is basically Pokemon but instead of collecting small animals you collect busty women and instead of poke-balls you kiss them. I am not kidding. James was cracking up and signing the pokemon theme when the girls are doing silly stuff. In fact the girls even have a special talent that seems to mirror the kind of strengths that pokemon had, such as plant, water, fighting, fire, ice and so forth.

There is even talk that some of the guys force girls to be their Sekirei like they are collecting them. To which James of course starts saying "gotta catch them all," over and over again. The plot is that these Sekirei have to find some one to bond with, then they emerge. At which point they are to fight each other until there is only one Sekirei left.

This series knows its audience and what it is doing. Nearly every female Sekirei is in some form of fetish clothing at nearly all times. All of the boobs in this show defy the laws of physics and mass, I mean they are not that big on that small of a girl in real life. Of course the male character is a quiet guy who isn't really good at anything, doesn't have that much of a personality except that he gets nervous a lot.

He is the Bella of anime, but yet all of the women want him. This is how anime works so its not that big of a deal. Of course boring boy ends up with several women. We have the strong but dense cute girl that he seems to like the most. There is a very little girl that thinks of him a a big brother and can use plants as her strength. There is a busty blond woman that speaks like she is from Shakespearian time and can use water, also she thinks that the bonding makes her the guy's wife. Then there is the red head that likes technology and guns.

They dress up the little girl in animal costumes all the time.

Also boring guy's little sister gets a guy Sekirei which appears to be an attempt to get a few other fetishes cramped into this show.

 I can't really say much else because we haven't finished the series. But I had to say something. We keep waiting for one of the characters to say they are going to the Ice Gym.



  2. i like the show so back off

  3. This is one of the best anime shows I've ever watched. If you're only watching it because of the tits then your missing the best things about the show. It has Action, Drama, Comedy, and Romance all rolled into one. I've seen both seasons of this show many times, and it's still as funny and good as watching it the first time. If your going to write a review for something, you should at least have enough intelligence to watch the entire thing with an unbiased opinion first.

  4. Aw, you're so cute when you're angry. I did finish the show. Opinion remains unchanged.