Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole

Alright I have been putting off reviewing this book for about a week now and I am caving and going to talk about it. This is the book I was waiting the the entire series for, and at the same time was hoping it would never happen.

See the main character of this books is Regin and she is epic. Bitch is crazy, and crazy awesome. She is perhaps one of the silliest characters besides the completely insane Nix in this series. She pulls pranks and makes rude comments all the time. Regin has made and appearance in every book up to this point as either a bother or a help. She does constant pranks and makes the demons eat weird things. I was excited for the possibility of an entire book dedicated to this spitfire, and terrified that she might be ruined.

Then there was the guy. So in the book before this all these characters get kidnapped and tortured by this crazed organization. I got rather testy that some one was hurting my precious characters. I spent half the book going, "I hate you Declan Chase. I hate you. Hate, hate, hate. Loath entirely!" He was a big meanie. He was mean to Carrow and her poor defenseless niece. I mean who is mean to twelve year olds? He was evil and I hated him. Not to mention that he had Regin cut up, or so we thought.

I pretty much threw a hissy fit when I saw that he would be the lead for Regin's book. I for real got upset about this development because I did not want to feel sympathy or like some one I had already spent so much time hating. Because I knew it was coming, some how I was going to be forced to love him and I didn't want to. Also I got his description totally messed up in my mind and was super confused.

Anyway the story goes a little something like this. Back in the day Regin met this berserker Aidan and the two of them kind of had a thing. But he got killed before he could become immortal. At which point he got reincarnated a bunch of times only to die once he finds Regin again. The last book pretty much told us that Regin got kidnapped by The Order and trapped on the creepy island. Also in the last book after getting operated on she sorta yelled that Declan was Aidan and that she wanted him stomped on.

I will give in and say that I liked this book. I really did. It was super hard for me to like Declan but I was brought around eventually. Regin was not as crazy as always but she wasn't really in situations that allowed for a lot of trash talking, and yet it still was there. This was perhaps one of the more interesting back stories between the characters. It played into the story pretty well and kept things interesting.

The introduction of some new characters kept things light and playful because god knows that Declan didn't help that situation. That man was a huge downer, but really works out with Regin in the end. I like more characters, because it means more books. And no author I like is allowed to ever stop writing.

The big news of this book is the hints of Nix and Lothaire are like a fated pair. Which pretty much set off a fan girly rampage the likes of which the world has never seen. I mean epic! So epic.

And then for like ten minutes I was terrified that the series was coming to an end until I picked up the series again and found that there were in fact a lot of characters still hanging out there for the taking. So its cool.

But yeah. Good book, great series. I demand more yesterday.

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