Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Review: Paul

This might come as a shock but I am a bit of a nerd. I know, you were so surprised. Anyway I remember back when news of this movie was coming out but no pictures because they really wanted to keep the movie secretive. Which at the time threw me because this was Simon Pegg we are talking about, I didn't thin he did secretive.

Another thing we are currently in the middle of the dead period for movies. This is when the odd movies come out. The big one come out in the summer or a month or two before. Paul is right before that point. But it was light out today until almost seven so maybe is in the cut off.

I really liked this movie. The alien jokes were great and I love the cast. This was literally a who's who of the funny people that are in movies these days. Kristen Wigg as the overly religious woman pretty much made my day. This movie is funny, and a bit funnier if you know anything about science fiction. The only down side is there are several references to science fiction pop culture that was before my time. I can tell that is probably for the 30 something crowd a bit more.

If you like science fiction or silly movies this is for you. If you are overly religious or don't know a single thing about aliens or science fiction pop culture then don't go see this.

Now if you don't mind I have to go climb a mountain the look for some ashes that my cure my love interest's uncle. I am so close to getting to the really hard parts in Dragon Age. Also I got Alistair to sleep with me, so go team! I am currently working on making everyone in my party love me as much as possible. I play that game with the wiki page open next to me. I would use the guide but sadly it is in another state in a storage unit because my mom doesn't understand that I might have needed that.

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