Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not Irish and EHarmony

So yeah, not Irish. Well yes I have some in my family line, but the side of the family it comes from is cruel and evil. That grandmother might never die because she is just too evil for the grim reaper to ever take her. Irish food and traditions were not part of my house. Also I hate potatoes. I am sick of them. Irish food is bland and boring. I want pasta. That being said drunk Irish really take offense to you not being interested in getting smashed with them. Just so they know in Ireland this is a religious holiday on which no one drinks.

On another note I was watching a thing about EHarmoney the other day. On the profile you can put three things you cannot live without. My list is most likely: Books, Lotion, Desert. I am not kidding. Or chap stick. I might have to / that with lotion.

I am also just about to start this really annoying quest in Dragon Age. Its infuriating. This quest is what stopped me in my other play throughs. So I have to finish this nonsense or else my boyfriend will hold it over me forever.

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