Monday, March 21, 2011

Game Review: Dragon Age: Origins

I am not finished with the game but I figured now would be a good time to talk about it because the rest of the game is going to be me dying repeatedly. For those that read this blog, Britt, will know that a while back I posted a review by a game critic. Go find the post if you haven't seen the review.

I pretty much agree with everything he says. Particularly the part about creepy loving eye contact and no one saying anything about all the blood. No really I am completely covered in blood and there is no way to clean it off until I go back to camp or change locations. A man walks up to me and accuses me of being a Warden, and I persuade him against it. All the while my party and I are completely covered in gore. No one ever mentions this.

The bodies also never cease to amuse me. If you don't loot them, they don't go away...ever. I played this one area about three days ago. I went back today to speak to some one about what we need to do next. He talks about how they are rebuilding and such, while a dead body lays at his feet. No one mentions this. Another guy had bones in his house still. They were just sitting there, I had looted the body, but a pile of bones remained in the dinning room.

As much as I have been playing this game I am not moving through it very fast, because I am obsessed about making everyone love me. AI party members have reactions to things you do and say. You can give them gifts and compliments and even take time to go track down personal items for them. My boyfriend had pointed out that he never did this because he was more concerned about the army of undead that was marching across the country. But the thing is the more my party members like me the more they will do for me. Also having really specific things done is the only way to make myself Queen.

I really have taken a fun kind of pleasure in the fact that I am playing the majority of this game with the sole purpose of making myself Queen. It makes all my romance of the bastard prince way more entertaining. It also makes the fact that I try to make everyone like me feel like I am manipulating an entire country for my own power gains.

Who i the cute little monster? You are!
One other really silly thing in the game is a few of the enemies. Most of them are darkspawn, but there are these enemies found in the tunnels that make the cutest sounds. They meow and squeak  as I murder them and its adorable. They kind of look like tiny raptors.

Dragon Age II is out already and they have hinted in that game that the character from the first game has gone missing, which I am not okay with because I am going to be Queen. Also all the companions and Dragon Age II are boring. The only bright light is that nearly every party member from Dragon Age: Origins makes an appearance in II, which might be a spoiler but not really.

I am having a ton of fun playing this game. Granted I am playing on Casual which is basically they left the kid gloves on, and as a rogue which means I just press buttons at random until something dies. But I recommend it do anyone that likes LOTRs or any kind of Medieval Fantasy.

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