Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quote of the day

"Bookmark? What bookmark? The world is my book mark." My boyfriend explaining that laying a book down open turns everything into a book mark.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Book Review: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Decent enough urban fantasy. Not very urban because the world is like half destroyed by magic and everyone rides horses now. There are some really great concepts in this book and the series but nothing is really explained for a while. I mean the entire first book is over before the authors (this is written by a couple) get around to making any kind of explanation as to why the world is messed up. A few things come up that are not really explained or talked about in depth but they seem kind of far fetched and I have trouble staying in a book when I am expected to accept something that I didn't know was there until just then. That the tricky bit about fantasy you have to choose how much to explain and this one is a little sparse on the definitions. Anyways I will keep reading because it's similar enough to Mercy Thompson to keep me reading.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Quote of the day

Me: After work I am going to go to Borders to buy a lunch box.

Coworker: What you just said says a lot about why they are closing.

Big News

For those of you not aware Borders is going under. Completely this time. Last time they were trying to save their skins by closing some stores and filing for bankruptcy. This time the creditors want to liquidate everything. So as of today every Borders store will begin the process of closing. There are a few exception that were bought by Books-A-Million but they seem to be only located on the East Coast.

This is a sad day in some respects because Borders has always been one of my favorite places to go, granted the store was closer than the Barnes and Noble at my house so I went to Borders.

Now some people want to blame digital books on this close but lets be realistic digital books only really started to take off a year or so ago. The kindle is just now getting recognition and the Nook gets most of its promotion in stores. There is no way we can lay this on digital book's door step. This closing is because of bad business practices, such as over stocking and trying to turn Borders into a one stop shop. They lost sight of what it means to be a book store and tried to be more encompassing but in the process they also had higher prices than other stores. They partnered with a less known coffee chain.

I am hoping that this will help put small book stores back in business. But will just have to wait and see, because a company this large going under only means bad things for the country as a whole. We are now looking at 10 thousand people being out of a job by the end of the month. That is where we all lose.

New Crush

I am kind of in love with the character of Emmett on Switched at Birth. I mean who doesn't want to date a cute deaf guy who owns a motorcycle. Also apparently the actor was named Mr. Deaf America, which I can only assume is the equivalent of sexist man alive for deaf teens.
He also does a really good intense stare which I find amazingly awesome. He might be the best thing on that show, because lord knows the show is weird and hard to watch.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Rule of Three

It might just be me but in find that the third book in the series is always the best book. The third book is also always the book with the crazy person. You might be in a position to doubt me on this but I come baring proof.

Example number one: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This was the book and the movie that really got people excited. The actors finally know what they are doing and we start to believe them.The story of Harry starts to come together and he gets a father figure, a father figure who is a little off his rocker. 

Example number two: Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Some might argue that this is the fourth book but it really the third. Julian's book was written outside the series and was incorporated later when the idea was put together. Anyway Zarek is pretty much stark raving mad and super hot for it. He does crazy wood cravings because he runs out of things to do. Granted his ending was a little dull they all were in this series. True there might be a bigger following for some of the other characters but Zarek happens to be the only true badass among a bunch of posturing characters that just want their nails done and for some one to hold them. And then at the end of the book he gets to be a god and spends all of his time messing with his half brother for the sheer fun of it. He nearly kills the guy several times just for giggles. You try being sane after spending five hundred years in Alaska by yourself.

Example number three: Kissed by Ice by Nalini Singh. Judd might not be completely out of his mind but you have to admit some one that never talks is a bit on the creepy side. Also he can explode your cells with his mind. Also who doesn't want their own personal assassin? I mean I would have so much fun with that. This was also the first book with a wolf changeling so its way better.

Example number four: Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. This is the book where we finally see some Adam/Mercy romance. The law is laid down. Also the murder is like completely off his rocker and on a power trip.

I can't believe I am about to say this.....Eclipse. It was the only one with a real threat as far as conflict goes. Granted it all happened off screen but Vicky was short a few marbles.

The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter. He cuts himself because he needs the pain and his girlfriend can see heaven and hell. I mean there isn't a character that is sane in this series. We are rocking the crazy boat here.

A few others include lover Unbound, Dangerous in Diamonds, Scoundrel in My Dreams, The Duke Most Wanted, Wicked Deeds at Winter's Edge and If You Deceive.

My point is we loved the guys that are just a few doughnuts short of a dozen. And they always get the third book in the series.


So nearly all of my traffic is based on the fact that I tagged Sekirei a while back. Really people? That and my quote about clash of the titans has gotten the most views. Its pitiful.

One hundred and seven visits to just that post.........

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BAMF Of the Day Quote

Nate: Now if you'll excuse me, I am gonna go call a professional killer who tried to murder me and arrange to meet him in an isolated location.

Hardison: I spent three days hacking into the White House emails - no buzz.
Sophie: See?
Hardison: But we are doing some pretty hinky stuff in Pakistan...hinky.
Sophie: Look, I'm miserable, they're miserable. (To Eliot) Okay, what--what have you been doing the last six months?
Eliot: I was in Pakistan.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Book Review: Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase

I think this is Victorian and not Regency because the clothing is very important in this book so I noticed that they have puffy sleeves and bigger dresses. I like the dress maker girl she makes me happy. She actually tells the high rank guy to go marry the rich girl because she is going to be just fine with her shop and she could have been too. This was well written to a point too. And the fiance actually confronted the love interest about what is happening which never happens in these books and I like it.

Mini Book Review: To Catch A Bride by Anne Gracie

Liked it for the most part. Hardly any of it took place in England which was a change. The girl made me happy because she got stuff done and she tried to punch the guy out a few times and hits him with her elbows regularly. Something I do myself, the elbow they are my mighty weapon. I haven't read Gracie for a while because the characters I liked all got married and what not.

A little bored that there was not really any mean person out side of Egypt which seems weird to me. There are mean people everywhere. Shrug. I finished it in one night because I had some adrenaline about my new job so I couldn't sleep. Trust me its better for everyone if I don't meet people when I am at full tilt.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thought of the day

Okay so for the last couple of weeks I have tried to read aloud a description of a woman from a romance novel to a boy I know. And nearly every answer is something along the lines of "So she's fat, right?" The words Lush, Soft and Curvy seem to be triggers. Also any mention of a woman's hips and its pretty much "Bitch is fat!" Granted one boy said the only thing that matters are the boobs, but he likes kittens as much as he likes boobs so I worry about him.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nook First Edition

For all of those who bought the Nook first edition the warranty was extend due to some small issues with a few bottons wearing down overtime. Be sure to call and see if you can get a replacement.

Book Review: Seduce Me In Dreams by Jacquelyn Frank

So I don't know if a lack of real ending is catching but this book doesn't have one. Well of course the book ends and what not but the plot just sort of patters out. One of the high ranking commander wants the main guy dead but you never find out why. In fact they capture the high ranking commander guy and then wipe his mind so no one really ever knows why he wanted to kill the main guy.

As a conflict this attempt at being murdered isn't really that great. There is all this set up for something awful to happen to the covert ops team and then nothing really happens. None of them even get in a really dangerous situation. There are several opportunities for this story to have some heft and every single one is ignored.

I miss the Nightwalker and Shadowwalker series, that is where Frank knew what she was doing. These other books seem to be forced. They don't flow the way her writing used to.

Quote of the day

"I don't know where this story is going to go."

*Boyfriend takes book out of my hands "Its going to go to page 375." *hands it back


Boyfriends there to keep you on your toes.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quote of the day

" I know you will not kill an innocent man... or me either, for that matter. "

" It is a beautiful day... for a Reign of *terror*! "

"I have always depended on people being nicer than me, and I have never in my life been disappointed. "


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hetalia: Axis of Power

What In The World Is This Show???????????

post a comment on this blog if you know what this is.

Thought of the day

Why is the third book in the series always my favorite?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

I don't know if I am in a mood or if these series are just carrying on for too long to hold my interest. I was just kind of bored. I like Payne good enough and Manny was cool. But so much of the book had nothing to do with them. It was nearly all Vishcous and Jane having some issues, and then Quinn and Blay are having their little moan fest.

meh. Just meh. I liked parts I didn't like parts. I was just bored with the whole thing. There was a really weird bondage bit in middle that I am not sure how I feel about.

My biggest thing is the end. There is none. I can't tell you what the conflict is besides some misunderstanding of what the two main people think is going to happen. There is a bad guy all set up at the end but he just sorta lets Payne go because she gives him a good tongue lashing.  When did this become a thing for the girls to be the one to talk a bad guy out of something because Michael Bay just pulled that. Two cops now also seem to have some kind of plot so something is going to happen there.

This felt like a bridge book. Its the book between stories that the author really wants to tell, but needs a book in the middle to set things up. This is a set up and poor Payne and Manny get their love cut short so that side character soon to be main characters can have more air time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quote of the day

"Are you saying that you murder everyone who disrespects you."- Dr. Orpheus
"Well not all of them, I mean at least they get a bruise." - Brock

Graphic Novels on E-Readers

The Nook color now carries some graphic novels, but not all. So now its our duty to annoy the publishers until there are more.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Think about your favorite food. You know that one you crave on bad days and you reward yourself with when something good happens. Now think about that one time that you ordered that food or made it and yet it didn't go down the same. Maybe your stomach hurt or you were already full or you made it wrong but forced yourself to eat it anyway. Kiss of Snow is that for me. Its a series a love by an author I adore and yet it left a funny taste in my mouth.

I am some issues but nothing major. I don't connect to the romance, something it just a little bit off about it. It feels a little bit more like a guardian and minor relationship than a romantic one. Its a bit forced. We all know about the age difference and the characters never stop talking about it. Sienna really doesn't hold her own against Hawke, not in a real way. He sounds like her dad some times and she acts like an angry teen which is what she is.

There is a side romance between the healer Lara and the teacher Walker that has way more depth and and emotion but is only given a couple of chapters. I wish they had a full book because there is so much more going on because Walker has a daughter and had some serious damage done by the girl's mom. I want more of them.

On the other hand I loved the fact that we finally got to see Sasha have her baby and it was a great moment. I am now really interested in what is going on about The Ghost and the war with in the Psy.

I am sad. I wanted to love this book. I tried to love this book. But I just had a funny tasting mouth when it was over.

Quote of the day

"Saying that this movie is less of and eye F*** than the last one does not equal a good review." - Movie Bob Chipman about Transformers Dark of the Moon

Quote of the day

"Half baked is like three deserts in one. There is cookie dough, brownie bits and its in ice cream."