Friday, July 22, 2011

Big News

For those of you not aware Borders is going under. Completely this time. Last time they were trying to save their skins by closing some stores and filing for bankruptcy. This time the creditors want to liquidate everything. So as of today every Borders store will begin the process of closing. There are a few exception that were bought by Books-A-Million but they seem to be only located on the East Coast.

This is a sad day in some respects because Borders has always been one of my favorite places to go, granted the store was closer than the Barnes and Noble at my house so I went to Borders.

Now some people want to blame digital books on this close but lets be realistic digital books only really started to take off a year or so ago. The kindle is just now getting recognition and the Nook gets most of its promotion in stores. There is no way we can lay this on digital book's door step. This closing is because of bad business practices, such as over stocking and trying to turn Borders into a one stop shop. They lost sight of what it means to be a book store and tried to be more encompassing but in the process they also had higher prices than other stores. They partnered with a less known coffee chain.

I am hoping that this will help put small book stores back in business. But will just have to wait and see, because a company this large going under only means bad things for the country as a whole. We are now looking at 10 thousand people being out of a job by the end of the month. That is where we all lose.

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