Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Review: Seduce Me In Dreams by Jacquelyn Frank

So I don't know if a lack of real ending is catching but this book doesn't have one. Well of course the book ends and what not but the plot just sort of patters out. One of the high ranking commander wants the main guy dead but you never find out why. In fact they capture the high ranking commander guy and then wipe his mind so no one really ever knows why he wanted to kill the main guy.

As a conflict this attempt at being murdered isn't really that great. There is all this set up for something awful to happen to the covert ops team and then nothing really happens. None of them even get in a really dangerous situation. There are several opportunities for this story to have some heft and every single one is ignored.

I miss the Nightwalker and Shadowwalker series, that is where Frank knew what she was doing. These other books seem to be forced. They don't flow the way her writing used to.

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