Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Think about your favorite food. You know that one you crave on bad days and you reward yourself with when something good happens. Now think about that one time that you ordered that food or made it and yet it didn't go down the same. Maybe your stomach hurt or you were already full or you made it wrong but forced yourself to eat it anyway. Kiss of Snow is that for me. Its a series a love by an author I adore and yet it left a funny taste in my mouth.

I am some issues but nothing major. I don't connect to the romance, something it just a little bit off about it. It feels a little bit more like a guardian and minor relationship than a romantic one. Its a bit forced. We all know about the age difference and the characters never stop talking about it. Sienna really doesn't hold her own against Hawke, not in a real way. He sounds like her dad some times and she acts like an angry teen which is what she is.

There is a side romance between the healer Lara and the teacher Walker that has way more depth and and emotion but is only given a couple of chapters. I wish they had a full book because there is so much more going on because Walker has a daughter and had some serious damage done by the girl's mom. I want more of them.

On the other hand I loved the fact that we finally got to see Sasha have her baby and it was a great moment. I am now really interested in what is going on about The Ghost and the war with in the Psy.

I am sad. I wanted to love this book. I tried to love this book. But I just had a funny tasting mouth when it was over.

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