Movies and Television

My dad loved movies. He watched about three movies every Saturday. He also had a career in cable and spent most of his free time playing with speakers and screen quality. He was the first one to buy a DVD player back in the day. He figured out how to put together a home theater long before it was the major trend.

I spent a good deal of my childhood watching movies with my father. We went to the movies all the time and checked out about five movies from Blockbuster a week. We tended to watch everything but horror movies. I do mean everything.

On top of that I have a really great memory for movies. I can walk into a room and call the title in a few minutes. This includes movies I never saw because the trailers tell me enough that I can recognize the movie still. I can't explain it but I cant just tell what the movie is after a few minutes.

The funny part is that my mother had no judgment when it came to movies. She would bring home the worst trash one day, and the most epic movie ever the next. My father and I would watch everything she brought home because we didn't want to hurt her feelings. But what this did was create a certain tolerance for crap when it comes to movies. I can put up with bad movies more than others. This lack of fear means I also find the weird movies out there.

Television is pretty much the same way. My mother would find the strange shows while my father would pick out the great shows. I would watch both. I also tend to leave the television on while I am in the room. Inevitably I find some odd shows out there.

Basically I know what a good movie or show consists of, but I tend to watch the bad one as well.