Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reaction to the First Episodes of "Avatar: The Legend of Kora"

A while back when the creators of Last Airbender announced that they were going to make a second show I was pumped. The feature film had been taken out of their hands and ruined completely. This was a chance for me to get more of the world I loved and forget that movie ever existed.

1) I don't know why but I was thrown off by the new open. I mean it was the same moves but with different people and in a different order.

2) Republic City is an awful name and I am going to hate the number of times I have to hear it. If it is the capital of a republic why not call it Capital City.

3) Kora kicks ass, and she already know how to do most of the bending so we don't have a whole first season dedicated to learning each type of bending.

4) WHY IS SOKKA GONE?!?! Stupid Katara is still here but not Sokka? Why cruel world?

5) Polarbeardog is the new flying Bison.

6) Tenzien makes me giggle and I enjoy air bending children.

Fire Ferret Circus!
7) Hello bum in Republic City, you have made my day.

7.5) I know that one of the major plot points of this series is going to be Benders vs. Equalist but really that protester guy needs to be punched.


9)Toph's daughter and Aang's son made my day.

10) Creators, you can not make up for the lack of Zuko - Katara love story by giving us a Fire bender as Kora's love interest. But I will accept this because at least he is less of a wet blanket.

11) Hello fire ferret, I want you.

12) Welcome replacement Sokka, BoLin, you have big shoes to fill

13) I enjoy that this series is slightly older character wise and topic wise. It matches the idea that most fans of the original series will have aged.

Seeing as there have only been three episodes I can't really say if it is for sure the as good as the first but it looks like it could be.

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