Monday, April 23, 2012

Tv Review: King 2 Hearts

There comes a time every couple of months where there is a lull in my television schedule. Perhaps something has gone off the air, or maybe I am having a fight with Time Warner about HBO Go. Maybe I have finished watching all of the 11th Doctor by find the 9th and 10th to be less than extraordinary. Whatever the reason I find myself in a position of looking outside English language television for entertainment.

When this happens I turn to Asia. And for those of you have gotten really bored and read the archives or have just been around long enough to remember, Asian dramas are kind of epicly strange.

This time I started watching 'King 2 Hearts' which on top of committing the crime of putting a number in a title has a plot so strange I am still not sure what it's trying to do. The show first off asks you to assume that South Korea still has a constitutional monarchy. Then the open has something to do with the World Officer Training something. I have no idea really. I think its supposed to be the Olympics for military people. I feel like I should google to see if it's real but I won't because that is quickly no longer a plot point.

The big deal is that the current king of South Korea wants the North and the South to compete as one. So the first few episode are all about the team training. Of course it isnt that simple because you know the crown prince (the king's brother) is forced on the team and it turns out that the North sent a girl as their leader. So the two clash all the time because thats what happens in these shows.

Then they King is trying to find some one for the prince to marry and the North lady is offered as a possible candidate because the King wants his brother to marry some one form the North in an attempt to bring greater peace....geting bored. And then suddenly the king dies and the princess gets crippled and the prince is the new king and North lady is his fiance all in like two episode. It does a huge flip in like no time at all.

My biggest complaint about the show so far is the "bad guy." I don't take him seriously. I mean lets be honest when was the last time you were afraid of some one that did magic tricks as their hobby? I mean really think about this. Would you be afraid of a slightly overweight Korean man who ran around in button down shirts and spent so much time doing magic tricks? I know I am not. They keep trying to build some tension with him because he is some kind of arms dealer that wants the Koreas to keep fighting. He is even the reason the King dies. But I am not scared of him.

Hell I don't even want to punch him the way I wan to punch Joffery. (can you tell I have been watching Game of Thrones?) Seriously I have no idea how he is scary. If all the characters just ignored him things would be better. I mean they kicked him out of the country and then he killed the King but cant the prince be like "I be busy yall" and peace out?

Also in related thoughts I am really unsure if North Korea is anything like what they show. I mean they have all these kind of nice looking places and then they just have them really empty. Although the really brief flash of what I assume was a Kim Jong Ill impersonator was so worth it.

Right now the show is still airing so I have no idea where it is even going with this. I mean are they going to go back to being military group? Are they going to make it all about him being King now and how him and the chick only slightly like each other? Am I going to have to watch more magic tricks with suspenseful music played over them? These are the questions I want answered.

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