Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review Alien Proliferation by Gini Koch

My brain hurts. I feel like I need a week to recover from this. I also feel disappointed and kind or sad, to the point that I have given in and accepted the fact that the only way to come back from this mess is to read Game for Thrones.

Back when I read the first Gini Koch alien book I was smitten. It was this spunky and fast sci-fi book that made me happy. I found the entire thing tons of fun. I realize now I was wrong. So wrong. I need to be punished.

Some books spend over 300 pages dedicated to solving a single or maybe two mysteries. These books cover one in a chapter. Its ruff. There is a climax ever could of pages. The fact that most of the main character can super speed is used to do so many things so quickly.

I am not going to explain the plot, frankly because I cant. I have no idea how I am supposed to ever sum up what was going on.

On top of that insanity no one ever fucking dies. Ever. This is the opposite of George R. R. Martin's camp and firmly in the Stephanie Meyer camp of writing. Where every major character not only gets to live but gets to have a nice tied up love story. I am sorry but not everything works that way. These books have so many characters that they compose an entire division and a half in an organization and not a single one of them bites the bullet or stays injured for long.

One guy dies, and he was in the first chapter for like a hand full of pages and then died off screen in the middle of the book.

I am angry with these books. They cheated me. I thought they were my friends but now that I have spent more time with good books lately I see them for the impostors they are.

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