Thursday, March 3, 2011


I can't believe this happened. A while back I said I was going to start playing this game Dragon Age again, I never got around to doing it for several reasons most of which were issues with the xbox. Then a couple of days ago this new mmorpg came out. (for those confused it means mass multiplayer online role playing game.) My boyfriend was trying it out because he was sick of the other game he had been playing. Two days ago he asked me to log in for him before he got home so that he could play when he got home. (at the time the server took twenty minutes to load)

My chick is this race, but way different looking
While waiting for the game to load I ended up creating a character because I enjoy making fake people. After I made my character I wander around the start level for a few minutes to do a few things. And then I kept going. Until my boyfriend got home and wanted the computer back. Then today I got up and sat down to play for a little bit until I was ready for breakfast.......and when I checked the clock it was lunch time. Then I took a shower and went right back to playing the game.

My boyfriend is a little bit annoyed but I really can't figure out why. He has spent years trying to get me to play video games, just not the ones he is currently crazy about playing. I don't think he likes that I am taking away some of his computer time.

The game starts with either a guardian or a defiant, and they like science and machines so I went with them. But basically both sides you come back to life after being dead and are trying to stop this evil force from the great beyond from destroying the world. When I started you are in the future and the world has already pretty much fallen. But they have built a machine to send you back in time and from there you have to change the course of events.

I am pretty into it. So much so that I didn't read a single page today, which basically never happens.

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