Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

This is the first book in the Weather Warden series, which I have known about for a while and have just now gotten around to reading. Mostly I was out of things to read and saw that Jim Butcher, the author of the dresden files, had endorsed the book. I will say that there are some big similarities in plot, in that the main character never really gets to sleep and they always wear something I don't think would look good on anyone.

Meet Joanne Baldwin who is a weather warden for the Florida area, until her boss who is beyond evil passes a demon on to her. But in doing so killed himself. Now the entire organization of weather wardens are looking for Jo, and she is looking for her old friend Lewis who might be able to help. The entire book takes place from Jo's car and at rest stops along the way. She literally drives most of the way around the country in this book. Which as having spent a good deal of time on road trips across country its not very fun.

All past story information is given in the form of flash backs as Jo thinks about things, which is not always my preferred method of story telling but works out just fine here. The book was very fast paced, in fact it appears the entire series is because I just finished book three and the characters finally got naps. The first three books literally did not have a decent stopping point from which to leave. This one ended with what seems like a slow down point and then I picked up book two and realized I was wrong.

I really enjoyed this book, still think the author needs to look up some fashion sense. She talks great brands and shoes but some times the color combination is a little much. I would like to be the first to tell anyone over the age of forty that you do not need your top to match your pants, shoes, and accessories. I know its hard. I spent years trying to break my mom of the habit. I have no idea why you think wearing all one color is a good idea, because its not. But I really don't think that the main character needs to be wearing all purple or all denim, or all black. Also I checked the publishing dates and they are in the early 20K, which means there is no reason what so ever for there to be a lime green mid-drift top in this book. No reason.

The series is sorta like a negative of the Dresden files, there all the women are sexy and into Harry, here all the men are pretty and have a thing for Jo. Its days like this that I worry about how awkward high school was for these authors.

Go read it. Do it. Its not a romance but there are lots of moments to get the blood flowing so fans of romance wont be completely disappointed.

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