Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review: Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

The over all premise of this books took a while to come forward and in those first couple of chapters I was confused beyond words. That is normally the trouble with books where the protagonist starts off in the middle of something complicated.

Basically in the 1990s the dead rose of from the earth for a week and attacked the living. After it was over all the previous religions fell and a new religion based on magic and banishing the dead rose to power and took over the government. The main character is Chess Putnam is a witch that works for the Church of Truth. She is also a drug addict. The book opens with her drug dealer telling her there is the possibility that the new business venture he is trying is being haunted by evil ghost, so in order to pay off her debt she needs to get rid of the ghosts.

The mystery is actually very interesting the problem is the main character keeps getting high at important parts. I mean really there was some really interesting parts and I wanted to know but we had to take breaks for the character to get high. It made me want to snap my fingers at her and "hey, hey, hey, pay attention we have murder happening."

Also the entire book takes place in the slums of some city so everyone speaks in horribly broken English except for the main character, which made we want to punch all of them. Even the one guy I kind of liked, whose name was Terrible I kid you not, couldn't manage any kind of proper grammar even when they pointed out that he could read.

I am sorta on the fence with this book and perhaps the series. I really liked Terrible but Chess makes me kind of crazy.

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