Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review: Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison

First off the font in this book was huge. Well at least the digital version had huge font. Which is why I can say there really wasn't a whole lot going on in here. In fact the romance in this story kind of comes out of left field.

Basically the guy that is the grim reaper comes to our world to bang a chick and while he does that a demon gets lose in the world. The demon creates wraiths which are humans that now can't die. But Mr. reaper had a daughter with the woman and when she screams he can come through the veil between worlds to kill wraiths. The first part of the book was establishing all of this and then getting underway into explaining that this dude Adam wants to stop the wraiths.

And then like all of a sudden Talia, the main girl, and Adam are in love. It happens over the span of like a few sentences. I mean like a chapter before they still didn't trust each other. I was just like, well who needs foreplay in a romance?

I will say that while there are some really interesting concepts here they are not fully formed. Everyone just starts calling Talia a banshee after she screams once and no one investigates. And why is death a fairy? I mean like explanation. Also there are hellhounds near the end but that never comes up either. The story is interesting but underdeveloped. I think the large font was to bolster the page length because this book felt crazy short.


  1. But you read it and, as the cover says, it's a 'Guaranteed Read.'

  2. it was a free download, of course i read it.