Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie Review: MirrorMask

My boyfriend hates cats, he will some times admit that they are cute but he insists that they are pure evil and not to be trusted. Until this movie I didn't really get what is problem was, now I am terrified of cats. You don't know true terror until a pack of hungry cats with people faces are circling you. I fully intend to have nightmares about these cats, I have marked it on my calender and everything.

I got this movie because Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors is the screen writer. I am not sure but I have to wonder how much of a pull he had in the art direction because this movie is visually stunning. The story is a simple sort of Alice in Wonderland tale that doen't move very quickly but you don't really notice with all the art work.

I can tell that this is Neil movie knowing his work with Coraline and Sandman. The dialogue rings true to him in every line and I think its a better testament to his skill than the adaption of Stardust. The entire movie has a rustic Circe de Solei kind of feel and the lighting for most of the movie is in shade of grey.

Tell me this is not creepy?
The truly impressive thing about the visuals is that real actors are messed with CGI in a way that comes of blended to the eye. I say this because watching slightly older cgi these days reveals the animation quickly. Don't believe, go watch LORT again and tell me if you can now see all those little times they tweaked a scene with cgi that you never caught back when the movies first came out. The jump in level of animation leaves cgi visible to the naked eye only two or three years later, yet this movie the blending and the art work makes the cgi a part of the world rather than something that stands out.

This is a must watch for anyone that calls themselves a true movie lover. Its whimsical and and daring all at the same time.

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