Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Review: Hanna

This ladies and gentelmen is how its done. This is what a movie is supposed to look like, feel like smell like. These are the angles its should be shot from, these are the actors that can do the job. This is what the movies were supposed to be about, not the mass produced Micheal Bay shlop we are force feed on a regular basis. Yes there are guns and fighting but if you are not paying attention and using your brain than you miss half the movie. This is what a script should look like, this is what tone should feel like.

Hana is the story of a girl that is raised by her father in the woods with the sole purpose of eventually leaving to kill a CIA operative. It sounds like a basic kind of plot and few people have said that it has the bits and pieces of the Bourne series to it. But it is so much more. This is the most perfect modern version of a fairy tale, because true fairy tales had nothing to do with princes and everything to do with two women fighting to the death.

This movie is about a sheltered girl who is going to have to fight to the death with a much older more experienced woman. Along the way she encounters seven people that effect her choices, a family and three hired hands that are hunting her. There is symbolism and references to the Grimm fairy tales throughout. The visuals are stunning and the choice of music might be some of the best selections ever. This movie is a true marriage of thought and style with action.

If you don't see this movie I will hunt you down and strap you to a chair and force you to watch it, and if you philistine to appreciate it I will put your name in my book and then put a black line through it. (If anyone gets the book and strike reference I will get them a prize for naming the movie it is from.)

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