Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Review: Flesh and Stone by Vikie Taylor

I have to ask, when a big burly guy kidnaps you or at least is the nice kidnapper of a group what is your response. The sane response is to be freaked out and not like that person.

My friend got me this book because he saw it at half price book store and was entertained by the cover and back. I should point out that he was in no way trying to find quality reading, he was on purpose trying to find bad books so that I could right mean reviews. I am here to tell you that he fulfilled his mission.

This is the second book apparently in a series about Gargoyles. On top of that this guy is a Pterodactyl when he turns into his monster form. Which just makes things crazy, like my brain does not wrap around it. Granted I have watched all of the bad SyFy channel movies about Pterodactyls so all I see are those poor animations and a puppet from a weird video that went viral my freshman year of college. So yeah after that first page when she described his transformation and then used the word majestic I laughed. All I can think about is silly looking CGI Pterodactyls eating bad actors.

Any way mr. dino is infiltrating an evil clan or gargoyles to learn more about them, because they tried to kidnap some kids a while back. The bad guys also kidnap women for the purpose of some slaves and baby makers, because oh yeah if you have a son you get reincarnated. I don't get that part there. They sorta skim over it which I find creepy.

Mrs. soon to be Dino is some red head that grew up in the hood, which I find hard to believe. I mean yes in Boston maybe. I don't know her story of growing up poor and then killing a social worker who tried to touch her. I just am not buying the person she is and the back story as the same person. Frankly she would be a lot more cut throat when it comes to her kidnappers.

Also I want to talk about Stockholm syndrome. I don't know if this is like a thing with romance writers but a good deal of these books use basically a stockholm syndrome kind of situation to create love. I mean nine times out of ten the girls get kidnapped or "held for their protection" by the main guy. The guys are nice to the women and they are crazy into them but they don't let them go talk to their families or friends. I am just saying that if you really look at these books a great deal of them.

The more I read these books the more I think about what I would do if this happened to me. I know if the guy is wearing a kilt I am going to flip a shit and run because no one and I mean no one is taking me away from indoor plumbing. A dinosaur shape shifter might have me bugging out as well.

Anyway I skipped like eight chapters and found out that the book is pretty much predictable. The undercover stuff gets dicey when they ask him to try and murder people and hold the girl to help motivate him. I was like, oh yeah that's a surprise. This is a paint my numbers book and frankly I might just skip another chapter or two and find out what happens.

The sad thing is that there was this gargoyles based short story I read a while back that I was totally into and for a brief moment I thought that it was the same author, sadly no.

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