Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So Starz has deiced to try its hand at the King Arthur legend. There are a couple episodes out already but I can say I have a good feel of things so far.

First off I want to punch Arthur, he is this very wimpy looking blond boy who still is very confused as to what he should be doing. They establish in the first episode that while he was trained and raised by a great philosopher he basically thinks with his dick. Which I want to know how he gets women when he is so damn scrawny. I feel like I could snap in in two and I am not that big myself.

Merlin appears to do jack shit so far. He basically gets pissed that Arthur hasnt completely stepped up to the king plate.

On the other hand Morgan is delicious. Bitch is evil and she knows it and she is fine with that. Not to mention that she commands a room. Her parts are my favorite so far and I am kind of hoping that take this long enough she gets to kill Arthur, because I am totally on board for that part.

I am entertained that they brought Gawain in as a character. (Those of us that had to read medieval literature in high school remember him and his beyond boring quest for something, and there was a girdle.) Frankly after having to read that story again this past summer I am intrigued to see what they are going to do with the "holiest" of the kings.

The thing about this series is, we have seen it. I mean I love the King Arthur legend but I have seen every version. This is like the first thing you write about as a fantasy author. I mean at this very moment there is a Merlin show on SyFy that frankly also blows. And yes we all love First Knight because Richard Gere, but frankly my personal favorite as always been Sam Neil in the original Merlin mini series. The point is I am bored, they are not pulling anything interesting out of their hats and at this point you at least have to try to entertain me, I mean at least Disney fucked with the whole story so they could have a girl Arthur.

Fun side fact: The British royal family has been naming boy Arthur for generations, but every single one dies before becoming King. Simmer on that.


  1. Arthur looks like a pussy, but Eva Green looks amazing in this.

  2. She rocks my socks for sure.