Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tv Review: Numb3rs

Back in the day I watched this show with my dad quiet a bit. He was an electrical engineer and loved math almost as much as he loved his family. When the show was first talked about he got really excited and pretty much told all of us that we were going to watch the show together.

The show has been off the air for years now and is now completely on netflix, which is why I have been watching it for the last week nonstop. My boyfriend is about to shoot me for leaving it on all the time. This show is not great so much as it is a formula. If you have seen any cop show ever you have pretty much seen this one.

The minor difference is the math stuff. This was on of the first "gimmick" shows to come out in the cop range. It was before the market was flooded with shows like this. It is a very freshman effort, there are some gaps in explanation. One guy goes through girl friends all the time and they are never really talked about. The math guy explains everything in drawn out metaphors that make you want to hit him after the sixth episode in a row.

The math girl, who has a degree in math and cosmetology, some how is the best with computers and if there is a computer involved she is the one doing the work. There is an army cop and a black cop, or um feds.

As much as it is a formula show its a pretty good one. There are some excellent moments and if you like math or science its worth taking a look at.

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