Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pleasure by Jacquelyn Frank

I am a big fan of side characters. They always are quirky, or silent and they add another layer. But lots of authors ignore their side characters and make me dream up stories myself. Frank was nice enough to delve in to a side character as well as a main character in this latest installment of her series.

I have read most of Franks novels about the Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers. I am pleased to say that Frank has a rare ability to give me a different plot each time. Of course the majority of the books are about two people in love but the same gimick is not pulled twice with Frank.

The first story of Sagan, gives depth were the story really needed some. I hate how there is always the character that is silent and strong and then suddenly in their story they are hella chatty. This is not the case. Sagan does not play the yo-yo card when it comes to his character.

Guin and Malaya's story is the one Frank has been taunting us with from the first shadowdweller book. It was such a great moment to finally give us the relationship we had all be waiting for.

All in all, anything Frank writes is worth a look.

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