Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thought of the day. A problem with clothes

I want to address the clothes issues right now. If you have ever picked up a fantasy or romantic novel you will know that the men tend to wear stuff that most guys wouldn't dream of putting on.

Its not that the clothes are bad, its just that very few non goths put black on black if they are not wearing a tux. so when the hero shows up in black jeans and a black shirt i raise my eyebrows. Or the leather. Most guys own maybe a leather jacket. They do not own leather pants. I really don't think leather pants on a man works in reality. They are a nice idea but in testing i get the feeling they would be horrible.

Lets make a deal and put the heroes in clothes that normal guys would wear. that means something they pulled off the floor in a hurry or yanked the nearest thing off a hanger or out of the drawer.

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