Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Reivew: Her Master and Commander by Karen Hawkins

I blew through this book in like four hours. Well it might have been less than that because I finished it while watching two episodes of the Borgias' and one episode of True Life. Which tells you how thrilling this book was that I managed to do that at the same time.

This is a freshman effort kind of book. Its clearly part of the first string of books published by miss Hawkins. The main female character is a widow which allows for more fooling around because she doesn't need to be chaperoned. Which frankly at that time you were a spinster by twenty two, so a widow at thirty seems to be me crazy old. Just thinking about the ages of these characters worries me some days, I mean really all these women are eighteen? But eighteen year old are stupid.

Anyway plot wise mr. man has to be turned into a gentleman in order to inherit his money. Which he ends up throwing out the window so that he can be with the girl. I got the brother's book to read some time this week so we shall see if the follow up is any good.

This is a fluffy book. There is no real plot or conflict, I don't count that bit at the end as conflict. Random bit seem to be there for the sole sake of of making the guy look wild. Meh who cares.

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