Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review: Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

I am really into this series now. I bought all but one of the books at one of the Borders store that is going out of business. The first book is very thin and I was only half there. The second book got better. It was the third book where they go into the Midnight Games that things finally start to get a move on. The one with her aunt also is kind of epic in many ways.

This one made me cry. I won't tell you why but I spent a good deal of the book in tears over a few characters. And then right at the end some one dies that is just heart breaking. By this book I am finally starting to care about some of the characters.

The whole magic and tech thing takes some getting used to, I desperately want some one to have a cell phone at some point to speed things up. Also I am really beginning to like hyenas because of these books. The witches in this one made me crazy happy. I love that the head witch and the head druid who always fight are married, and their kids are divided among the two fractions. It was epic awesome when they started fighting about silly stuff in the middle of the important negotiations.

I am actually really starting to like this series, not as much as the Mercy Thompson books but close. These are a little rougher. I kind of get annoyed sometimes when there are fight scenes because they often make no sense. The books also took their dear sweet time explaining things. Anyway I highly recommend.

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