Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

At first I was like "no." And then I was like "okay maybe." And now I am like "but there were so many things that could have been cooler!"

This is what I call the bad guy pitfall book. It happens eventually in a series like this, where every character eventually gets a true love. For some reason authors get it in there head that this character they have setting himself against all the other main characters needs a true love as well.

The issue here is I think Cole knew she was going to give Lothaire a girl from day one because the guy never really seems that evil. I mean yes he does do some mean stuff but never anything crazy evil. True he is a bit crazy but really what character in this series isn't? I mean he has yet to kill anyone we care about or hurt children or helpless women really. He just kind of threatens the main characters a bit in every book and then kills some one off screen. But the good guys kill plenty of people so I don't really see the difference.

Also. Mother Fucking Stockholm Syndrom!

In similar news why do all of these immortal creatures act like teenagers? I mean honestly I am going to be twenty four soon and even I don't have this much emotional retardation going on.

It was good but not great and I feel like it is just going to blend into the background of this series. The characters did nothing of interest the entire book and the ending just sort of came out of no where.

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