Friday, March 9, 2012

The Shoe is on the Other Foot

Today one of my friends sent me back the first draft of my novel with some notes. I find it hysterical because she tears into the slop I wrote the same way I do everything. The following are just in the first couple of pages and they make me happy.

Lakes have rooms? Do you mean an underwater cave?

It’s a little frustrating that Autumn understands but isn’t letting me in on the secret. If it’s not explained more clearly soon, it might be a problem.

Okay, I’m going to say it not because I care but because you WILL be made fun of for it: SUMMER’S A GIRL NAME! (I was aware of that but I like naming my boy character a girl name. Deals with it)

Does everyone pay her in curry? That seems... unlikely

This makes me sad. Make it better.

Vikings didn’t die out, they just settled down and became Scandinavians [except for the few who became French].

More description please. Make less brain-hurty. Also ouch. I was not prepared for drawing-and-quartering.

Why? What did she do to confirm her innocence? I didn’t realize making a joke was sufficient evidence to prove you’re not a murderer. (There was supposed to be a sentence there that never made it into the draft due to me getting distracted.)

"Yes?" I am a word smith. (Are you now?) {I don't think she got my sarcasim here. Still made me laugh so hard.}

Anyway the point of this whole thing is I am having a blast reading these. I really am. Most of what she is pointing out are issues I already knew existed but hadn't fixed for the purpose of getting things down on paper before making the details perfect. I am not sure if other people would find some of this stuff annoying but I think its epic fun. I can see her sitting there reading my book making faces every time I messed something up because most of this was written in 30 days. I am glad that she seemed to have loved it seeing as she got it back to me exactly a week after I gave it to her. 

So yeah. I can take what I dish out. Just putting it out there. 

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  1. There is no shame in having problems in a rough draft. If the same problems make it into the published version, then THAT's gonna hurt.