Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Authors I Bookmark part 2

Next on my list is Gena Showalter:

From what I can tell Showalter is one of the more senior writers amongst the bunch. Showalter and Cole also acknowledge each other in their books. Which is why it is no surprise that I am also a fan of Showalter. She has more books under her belt than some of the other authors, and way more series.

Lords of the Underworld, a series about men possesed by deamons and plauged by humans who believe killing them will rid the world of evil, might be one of my favorite series of all time. I have re-read all of the books. I have a personal connection to feeling like the world is against you and I must say the deamon warriors make for a different take. The next instalment is part of a two duo with Cole. The second that book drops I will be talking about it.

Showalter's Atlantis series also proves and interesting. It has a similar amount of species as Cole's Lore but all are contained within one city. Although it seems that the female leads of this series always spend so much time trying to run away.

I dont understand this "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" thing that happens in romance novels. If a big pretty werewolfe/dragon/magical creature/man came up to me and was like "people are trying to kill you, quick get in my expensive car!" I would have the reaction something like "of course!" But that just might be because all I do is read these books so I know where that is going, and I like where it will be going. Please some one tell me i am not the only one!

aaaAAnyway, back to Showalter. I find that the majority of her books are conistantly good. The only books I find hard to pick up are her Alien Hunter novels but I will not pass judgement before I read them so wait till then.

The one shortfall of Showalter is that her male leads have a tendincy of the "tarzan syndrome". Its alot of "me tarzan you jane" and "do as I say," which is fine in small doses but gets annoying when its the majority of the book. Luckily only a few of the books have fallen victim so on the whole her books are very readable.

Showalter gets a B+ for her overall score.

And now for my new favorite author: Nalini Singh.

I would like to take a quick moment to point out that I am a big fan of werewolves, I will always pick shapeshifters over all other races. So I tend to do the happy dance the second I find a series based around the idea of shapeshifters. Singh pretty much wrote my version of a wet dream. Her world not only includes shapeshifters but a race of "Psy" with powers of the mind. Her series takes place in the future so that means there are lots fun gadgets that keep the stories interesting.

The latest book Branded by Fire might be on my top ten all favorite romance novels. I simply find the world that Singh creates one of the best out there. I had a little trouble getting in to some of the characters but the political intrigue makes the stories nail bitters even when the two main characters are making gooy eyes at each other for seven chapters at a time. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I will do a full review

But lets go back to the shapeshifters. Singh not only brings in my wolves but she also stirs in leporads. The amazing thing about this is that each group has a set of dynamics, and watching (or rather reading) the two interact might be my favorite part of the series.

Singh's overall score is an A.

tune in next time for more authors to watch.

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