Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

I got tricked into reading this book. I really did. The nook was given it away for free and I will never turn down a free book. So I open it up thinking that because the description says its about dragons in the Napoleonic wars that I am going to get some pretty awesome action and stuff. I was tricked I say.

In steady I spent a good couple chapter with a ship captain and a very bored dragon. And there was a lot of nonsense boredom in the middle two. The ending came way too quickly and I had trouble following the action when it did happen.

The really annoying part is I couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing. In about one night. I am not one to keep reading if I dont like things.

At first I was very bored with the open. The book begins when a British Naval ship wins a battle with a French Naval ship. The British boards to find that the French are trying to smuggle a dragon egg to France. It is quickly apparent that this is the time of Napoleon's war in Europe as well as the fact that in this universe there are dragons. In Europe dragons are used for war and have to be put in a harness almost the moment they are born, if they do not take a harness they are considered wild a not good for anything but breeding. Later it is revealed that in Asia and the Americas dragons are treated very differently.

The story is told from the point of view of Laurence the captain of the British naval ship. He is completely honor bound, and never questions his loyalty to the crown. He has been raised as the perfect British gentleman of his time, which means he is boring and dull.

A good deal of the book is dedicated to teaching the dragons maneuvers and waiting for an attack from Napoleon. Laurence also spend a decent amount of time either shocked or confused by what the areal corps are like.

In the end I read it, and the next book as well. I have yet to try the third and fourth books but I shall see.

Suggestion: pick it up at the library just in case you need excitement in your books to keep you reading.

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