Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steal The Dragon by Patrica Briggs

Some one please keep me out of half price books. No really the employees are starting to look at me funny. Anyway I was in there the other day and I picked up this book on pure whim. That and the fact that the Mercy Thompson series by Briggs is my all time favorite series.

Sadly this book was disappointing. I am under the impression that it is perhaps her first publish work after that one about the Hob i swear i am going to read one of these days. It shows in the writing, its flat short ans dull. I cant really tell you much about the characters besides that there is a red head empath who was a slave and now trains horses, there is a guy that perhaps is decedent from trees, a rapist prophet, and a drunk or two. The story is about trying to end slavery in a Kingdom we know nothing about that has been at war with another Kingdom we know nothing about.

I actually book the book down and read four other things and went back to the middle and wasn't that lost. Its just very early writing kind of stuff. I would not recommend buying it, but if a huge Briggs fan i would say go to the library.

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