Sunday, September 12, 2010

White Cat by Holly Black

Some might know Holly Black for her modern fairy tale series or Spiderwick series. So when I saw there was a new series by Black I thought I would give it a try. I have never read any of her other work so I was going into the book with a blank slate.

The back of the book didnt really give me that much to go on but quickly I picked up on the story. Firstly it takes place in modern day but in what might be called an alternate reality. In this reality there exists people with the ability to "curse" you just my touching. There are simple curse workers that can do luck, or emotions, there are also more complicated ones that can curse you with pain, memory loss or kill you.

The main character is Cassel, the only member of his family that is not a curse worker. The book starts off with him waking up on the roof of his boarding school. We also learn that Cassel believes he murdered his best friend when he was in middle school. After the roof incident occurs he is sent home for a few weeks were he spends time cleaning out his old family house, and starts to really think about what has happened to him in the past.

It took me a lot longer than it should have to put together the fact that curse workers needed to touch some one, and thus people wore gloves all the time. Black chose to write in a style that makes the reader pick up on facts over time because the story is being told by Cassel and we don't learn anything until he thinks about it. It made me a frustrated when I was first reading. The one thing that gets me is I am unsure as to how the next book will proceed after how the book ends.

On the bright side the book is an original idea and seeing as the market is currently be flooded by nothing but vampire trash I am excited for anything new and original.

It might not be a buy book, but it is something to pick up or borrow.

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