Monday, October 31, 2011

Grimm clear winner

Also how cute is he? Super Cute!
So now that I have watched both Grimm and Once Upon a Time I feel that I made the right choice. Once is trying too hard for the Desperate Housewives demographic and something about it just feels off.

A commenter said that Grimm is everything that the Dresden Files show should have been. Even to the point that there is an old beat up VW Beatle and a locket from his maternal figure. This is the show we should have gotten!

It is true that Once Upon A Time has a more innovative story line while Grimm is more of a cop drama with a twist. But it comes down to how they are done. Last night I was at a meeting and we talked about the fact that is doesn't so much matter if the plot is original, if it's not well written it isn't going to hold audiences.

Grimm has the potential of being the fantasy show that sticks. Lets hope that the friday night slot of dead does not do its worst.

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