Friday, October 21, 2011

TV Review: Warehouse 13

First off, is the SYFY channel broke? I mean are they? Does anyone know what they have in terms of funds? Because lets get a few things on the table. This show has some of the worst green screen effects I have seen in a long time. Also about a third of the guest actors and several locations are the exact same as Eureka, the other SYFY show. I mean I am pretty sure that the new show Alpha's is not this bad.

At the same time the show has some really good parts. The history and the artifacts are fun. I feel like I am learning about historical people in the show even though I know the crazy artifacts are fake.

The two leads are kind of great together. The dynamic has that whole odd couple feel to it and yet they seem to have fun with each other. The tech girl Claudia is rather humorous even if they do seem to kind of push her to make more pop culture references than necessary.

The show has great potential but the low budget really get in the way.

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