Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I has Fury!

No Kresley Cole! NO!

I am so mad at you right now you have no idea. In Regin's book you made it seem like Lothaire was going to get with Nix. It was perfect!!! The two of them are the pawn masters for both sides of the conflicts. They are the two characters driving the plot the most.

And then all of a sudden Lothaire likes some mortal chick. Like the guy named The Enemy of Old is really going to fall for one lady that is not a complete badass or nuts. I am not happy about this. The guy has proven to be nothing short of ruthless and completely out of his mind. And you are giving him a touching love story?

At least with Nix there would be something interesting going on between him and the love interest other than "I must not because I have obligations and revenge and stuff to do. And clearly banging you on a regular basis will take away from the genocide I have been planning."

I have not been this pissed of since the creators of Avatar the Last Airbender said that under no circumstance would Katara end up with Zuko. Why not? They make a much more dynamic team. Aang is a child that has no real depth other than his need to save everyone and bring peace. Katara and Zuko at least had this weird sort of animal attraction thing going on and it would have been a great way to bring in a new era of the Fire Nation.

Do you see what you have done? I am now ranting about a cartoon show that was aimed at 12 year olds over a slip that happened between the fans and the creators. Do you understand the rage and the fury that you have unleashed because you took the easy way out?

And yes I understand that putting Nix with Lothaire would end the series effectively because that bitch is pretty much running everything at this point. But really the only stories I care about at this point have happened. I mean I don't know if I am going to keep buying any of the books any more because you gave me the two I had been dying for last year.

For the love of god get on with it already. When are we going to see the epic battles between the fractions that have been promised since book one? Huh? I mean I know this is a romance series but seriously don't create a series with a premise around the idea that in the next few years every fraction of mythical creatures is about to go into a free for all battle and not do anything with that.

That is all for now.

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