Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tv Review: Jane by Design

Not Confident Body Language 
There have only been two episodes of this show so far which means there really is not a whole lot to say. Except for the fact that in the second episode they did something I love.

Confidence in attractive people. They have done studies to prove this. It is one of the reasons that guys in stable happy relationships are better at their jobs. It is the reason that even though a girl can be only mildly pretty all the men still want her. We are drawn to the confident people.

Something that makes my eyes twitch are these endless streams of books and movies and televisions shows where the shy, timid person with low self esteem gets the men. (cough twilight cough) That is not how it works in the real world.

I have a good friend that is always self conscious and worried she looks bad. I on the other hand always think I look cute. Who do you think gets the better boyfriends and jobs?

Confident and now with a date.
Getting back to the point. This show has some stupid ideas and some huge cliches. But it did something right on the second episode. The hot, rich, jock starts noticing Jane after she lands her dream job. They make a whole scene of her telling the best friend that she is so happy and all she thinks about is work and how excited she is about all of it.

All of a sudden the guy is into her. She even asks why and she says she is different now. She is! She is happy and confident.

The majority of the show is really low ABC Family nonsense. (I will believe that is fashion when I see it in a magazine.) But this one aspect made me happy. It has all the crappy pit falls of these kinds of shows that almost drowned out this one perfect moment.

I am not saying you should watch it. Unless like me you are currently twiddling your thumbs until students get back from break.

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