Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review: Archon by Sabrina Benulis

I want to hit myself for this one. I really do. First off I read a review, I think on All Things Urban Fantasy but not sure. The review said mean things, which is kind of like saying that some one just made fresh cookies to me. I don't know why I feel the need to read books that sound awful. Then to make matters worse the author thanked God first in the acknowledgements. I don't really have anything against The Flying Spaghetti Monster in all his forms but I worry when He is the first person thanked by some one. It sets me on edge for reasons I don't really want to get into but begin and end with the day I learned there was no Santa.

So this book is about angles. But also it is about bitchy teen girls that some how go from being fussy about boyfriend to murdering half the college. Well not half, but anyone that cuts of a priest's head is kind of hard core. Also this my be years of Catholic education speaking but some of the things in this book gave me hives. I mean the writing is complete shit and she is clearly working of some kind of religious complex in this book. But to top that off the male lead is a priest.

I mean really. I have years of bad images and scandals burned into my brain about that. And suddenly there is a sexy young priest boinking all these young girls. Not one of the publishers was ever like "not to be weird but do you have penis envy of the little boys? Because this is strange." And yes hot priest guy is have Jinn, which in this incarnation are demons not magical creatures in bottles or their almost pokemon-like incarnation.

The angels were really weird. I mean I think that was on purpose but I am still really unclear if the head angel was doing it with the two smaller ones (who I for some reason pictures in chibi anime form) or if they just had some daddy issues with him. Also how the devil was he preggers? And was it being hinted at that he had been preggers for a couple thousand years? You know on top of that whole being in love with his younger brother.

Are you getting the hives yet?

This book went on forever to boot. Half way through we reached what I thought was a really good kind of climatic scene. And then it just kept going. It was painful by that point because I just was not sure what was happening. Was the demon trying to put her adoptive daughter on the throne of hell or not? Was the priest dude work for the devil or not? Was anyone actually working for the devil because apparently the demons all locked up Lucifel because she was so scary. How is a tree an angel and why is that brushed over so quickly.

How are this many people being murdered or dying on an island owned by the Vatican and no one is freaking out? That was the weirdest part. The serial kill plus the fact that people just die there all the time for like no reason except you know that water got into their homes and drowned them. Everyone mentions that it is a dangerous place, and yet it is a university.

Also what the fuck is up with the only two scenes that take place in a class room they are reading Dante's Inferno. I mean honestly? If you make this much crazy shit up with the rest of the book have the decency to at least do something original with the only class room part.

This book tried to do something with the three head angels having a big fight. One turned into the devil,  one died, and one went a bit bonkers and might have killed God. (one of the many things that is vague.)  It tried and it failed.

But if you are in the mood for a book about gods in a set of three I would recommend whole heartedly "A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms".  I have no idea what I said about it when I reviewed it back in the day, but the book is a solid read and does much better with that premise. It also has the added bonus of basically being like "you know how humanity started out in Africa, don't you think god would be black if we were made in his image?" Which at first I was not behind, but the more I think about it I find it to be a really interesting F-You the author snuck in there. And I kind of love her for that.

So yes. Don't really this book.

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