Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini Book Review: Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey

I was so completely bored by this book that I skipped a whole chapter. I just said whatever and went to the next one. It only got interesting in the last 50 pages. I think there were pages where I only read a sentence and skimmed the rest to see if anything interesting happened. The whole first half of this book has nothing to do with what is on the back cover. It is all just establishing a few characters but that can happen and plot at the same time. It does not require only one thing happen at a time, that is not how stories work. This series has been throwing me off because some of the books, that last two really, have been really good. The entire front half of the series makes me want to murder some one.  I thought this one might be a little bit better because A Good Knight wasn't completely retarded but this book needs to be put down. Not worth the read.

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