Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anime Discussion, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

So I was busy reading information for my new job and didnt get around to picking a book to review. So rather than try today i thought i might go in a slightly different direction and go at anime.

For those not aware Anime is a form of cartoons that comes from Japan, there is a marginal group from Korea but that's not today's point of discussion. Anime has a variety of looks but it has a noticeably different look than cartoon produced in America.

While most people might not find the style to be entertaining nearly everyone in my generation watched Dragon Ball Z at some point or another. So here I am going to suggest a few other stories that really need to be seen.

Full Metal Alchemist. See this show. No really if you dont like cartoons you still need to see this show. But be warned there are two versions of this show. The one to see is the one called Brotherhood. The original is rather strange and not decent.

The show follows two brothers who are practicing alchemist. Ed the older of the two is missing an arm and a leg, and Al the younger has his soul displaced in a suit of armor. This occurred when they tried to bring their mother back to life by using alchemy. As the story progresses they are searching for the fabled Philosopher's stone that can grant immortality and help them get their old bodies back. But they soon find that perhaps the philosopher's is not what they had hoped for. If you want to find out more you really need to watch the show.

The entire show is on Hulu so there is no excuse not to see it. I mean it, watch it or i will find you.

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