Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moon Called by Patrica Briggs

I was really bad again. I did no reading what so ever. I did make it to the library here in Chesterland and let me say that it is pitiful and my soul is sad. Also I am being pressured to keep writing my original work right now by friends so that is slowing me down, and i got a

Fun Fact: I am a bit anal retentive about the condition of my books. I will put a book back on the shelf and get a different one or go to another store if there is cover damage. ( i am talking about like a single crease.) It is rare for me to let a book get in bad condition for any reason.

My copy of Moon Called is beat up beyond anything i would normally tolerate, because i love this book and this series the world over.

Moon Called takes place in a world similar to ours, with a few differences. In the world all the fairies and evil goblins from old stories are real and out in the open. They live in reservations and currently the country is dealing with the political and legal issue of learning that creatures most humans believed to be imaginary are real and are school teachers (well a few are.) But things don't stop there, in fact all of the creatures from the night are real but only a few are out in the open.

Mercy Thompson, the main character, is a Walker. Which is a native american shape shifter that can change into a coyote, speak to ghost and is resistant to most kinds of magic. Mercy owns a mechanic shop that works most on old german cars, the shop used to be owned by a Fae (as they preferred to be called) and his son. Mercy's next door neighbor his the alpha of the local wolf pack. Mercy was raised by the head of the werewolves in america. The local vampires use Mercy as their mechanic. And that is just the basic set up stuff this has very little to do with the main plot.

The important and fun facts are that werewolves function like real wolf packs. They have a hierarchy and rules and the alpha dictates alot about their lives. There is a magic involved but there are power struggles and frankly the act like wolves when it comes to dominance and respect. The vampires cant go in the sun, as it should be, because they will burn. They drink blood and keep humans as food, even the nice vampire that you want to like has a house full of humans he noms on from time to time.

Moon Called focuses the most on the werewolves. A young werewolf is taken in by Mercy and then murdered the next day. The alpha Adam is attacked and his daughter kidnapped. Mercy is left in a position where the werewolves in the area are depending on her help. I am not going to say any more because this is a book worth reading.

The books following keep with the theme of focusing on one type of creature at a time. Blood Bound the second book is all about the vampires and their power struggles and lack of concern for humans. The third book Iron Kissed deals with Fae and the hate crimes the face as well as the fact that they still are the creatures that go bump in the night. Bone Crossed goes back to the vamps and the newest installment Silver Borne has Fae in front again. Silver Borne and Bone Crossed made it to the best sellers list.

Mercy is a fun character. She is independent and aware of the fact that she is a small fish running with the big dogs (what happened with that metaphor?) She trains weekly to be a good fighter and still goes to work to pay the bills. Having grown up being surrounded by werewolves she is not one to let others push her around, which is why she puts up such a fuss when Adam shows an interest.

The werewolves are all really great and they each have separate personalities that make the pack work. Did i mention that there is a vampire that drives a van painted like the mystery machine from Scooby-Doo? And that he has the stuffed animal ridding shot gun with him. That alone should sell you one the book.

Buy this book. Its not fantasy heavy and is a great read. If you don't want to buy it i will mail you my copy. People need to read this.

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