Monday, October 25, 2010

Writers Block and Halloween Blues

I am stuck once again when it comes to writing. I am sitting here at Barnes and Noble most likely annoying the cafe lady because I only bought one thing, and I can write. This is half because I am distracted with playing with my blog. But I feel bad because just days ago I wrote 5 pages in one sitting.

I am beginning to wonder if the only time I have strokes of creativity is when I am trapped in a car for 5 hours. But the major issue appears to be music. I have trouble writing if I don't have the right music for the scene, and the next couple of scenes don't really have that much of a feel to them. They are basic build up and kind of dull if I am being perfectly honest. Frankly Pandora can only do so much when it comes to assisting me in my music dilemma.

I need to get back to my outline and check that I have this right.

On a related note there is a new Gena Showalter book coming out tomorrow and I am pretty sure that the next Nanili Singh is not long off.  I am stoked about both. But just a bit more about Singh because she is giving the entire book to two wolves. And I have been waiting for this book for a while. The last two books were all Psy and humans  and frankly I didn't care as much about them. Which is good because I have just been re-reading old stuff. Also considering watching Lord of the Rings all over again. But I am not sure if i will be able to sit still.

Pandora keeps getting annoyed because I am skipping songs I don't like.

Not to mention I am having trouble figuring out what I am going to do for Halloween. Originally I was just going to purchase one of those normal slutty versions of something from the costume store. But then Chris was going to dress up as the medic from Team Fortress 2 and I was going to go as the Scout.

Then I wanted to try and get a few friends to dress up as the survivors from Left 4 Dead.
Clearly I would be the only girl.

Chris also suggested I dress up as Kerrigan from Starcraft, which would be super cool even if I did have to dye my hair red.

But as of right now, only a few days off, we have nothing planned. Which is really starting to worry me.

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