Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review: The Taming of the Wolf by Lydia Dare

So there was no new episode of House this week, which means that I had a lot less to do, which also means that I am going to write a book review. (Brittney I am putting this here to see if you read this. If you do send me a facebook message with the words peanut butter.)

I gave in and bought a book the other day. I was rather upset with myself mostly because I can't seem to figure out if this book was worth the purchase. I started reading Lydia Dare's series about werewolves in Victorian England over the summer. My boyfriend calls them the books that "has bite" because that was the only quote on the first book's cover. The first book wasn't crazy exciting, but I enjoyed the introduction of the wolves. The second book had a bit more romance happening and the plot was more entertaining. The thrid seemed to bore me to death, the characters just made things hard for themselves the entire time.

This book the main character were two people I had not enjoyed in the previous installments, so I wasn't sure. I still can't deiced if I like the leading female, and the guy has some serious self loathing issues that I think are so common in Victorian romance I almost gagged.

If you like werewolves I would suggest taking a look at the series just for that sake, but the characters spend little to no time as a werewolf that its almost moot point.

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