Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Happened to Critics?

I am sitting here watching some show on MTV, now that I check its 16 and pregnant or as I call it watch white trash struggle with common sense, when a commercial for the new Assassin's Creed game comes on. I may not be very good a video games but my boyfriend and my brother play them constantly, and I learned a long time ago that if I wanted a relationship with my brother I was going to have to figure out video games. I can figure out the mechanics of how most games work and the basic story line, I can all be a good guess of how good a game is at this point.

I watched the boys play the first game, which was pretty good but has a lot of glitches and things that got annoying. The second game didn't really change or fix much, and the third is about the same from what I can tell. SO WHY THE F*** DO THESE COMMERCIALS GIVE IT A FIVE OUT OF FIVE? I see this shit all the time, games that are only good get the best reviews and shit games get good reviews.

Its not just video games, its movies and books and everything. There are a few critics still out there that say bad things about stuff, but only a few. I swear everything is the best game, or the best movie. It will blow you away! The best thing on bread!
He is going to stab you with the awful.

this really started back when that one guy got fired from some gaming magazine for saying a game was bad, because that game had sponsored the magazine for over a month. We are losing the critical eye because critics are afraid to say anything bad about something that might have put an add in their medium. So now everything is great, and really it just sucks more.

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