Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A WTF Moment

I was flipping channels a little while ago, I have the day off work and am spending the time vegging and catching up on emails and such. There I am changing channels when I come across a show that seriously freaks me out. What is this monstrosity that could possibly freak me out because i love all things trashy and drama driven?

Bridal Plasty.

The name alone worried me, then I watched the show. In this show soon to be brides are competing for the opportunity to receive the plastic surgery of their choice. That much alone made me want to gag. Then came the episode itself. First the women walked into a room where there are giant pictures of them in their bathing suites and wearing no make up, I realize that I came in towards the middle of the show but whatever. They flash over several of the photos and I would have to say that for most of the women I don't see a need for plastic surgery, a good physical trainer could fix about half of them. Two or three of the girls look great to me and I see no reason for them to need any kind of tweaking. The host then tells them that there is a puzzle they must solve that reveals what they might look like if they receive all the surgeries they want. The first few to complete the puzzle will win the chance to attend an injectables party.

The girls that lost one of them must be kicked off, when the one woman loses she is told that her wedding will go on it just might not be perfect. I about threw the remote at the screen then. This show is truly everything that is evil. I mean I like Jersylicious and all its cat fights, but this is simply playing up insecurities that have no business on these women.

This is just gross. Boo this.

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  1. I've heard of this show, and I refuse to even attempt to watch it. This show is everything wrong with our culture right now.

    "Your wedding will go on it just might not be perfect"


    Where does this obsession with the perfect wedding come from exactly?

    And what is a "perfect wedding" anyway? I always thought it was one in which all your friends and family got together to celebrate your marriage. There was good food, and lots of alcohol and dancing. What more do you need?

    So, yeah. Fuck this show. I hope it gets canceled quick. It sickens me to know I could be flipping channels and randomly stumble across it.